You Will Like Gran Turismo 5's Release Date

Don't tell anyone, but GTPlanet has learned the tentative release date for Gran Turismo 5 through an unofficial but extremely reliable source. Just remember, he's making a list and checking it twice...

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saint_john_paul_ii3391d ago

as I said again, I'll believe when i see it. if true, Sony is set to explode this year. and I like it when things explode....The Holy Way.....

3391d ago
Greywulf3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

Im sure hes right. Probably Amar tipped them off,(the gt insider). Its going to be great to finally see what GT5 has to offer outside of Prologue and GT-HD. You really have to remember how huge of a game GT4 was, and that times Bluray is going to be sickening.

I just hope the top gear track is ready for launch. Clarkson said on his blog that Polyphony was there recently to do some measurements. So, heres to hoping it was just final double check measurements :).

I'm most excited to see my car, and to see if a Nascar can be made turnable/road car-able. I don't know what I'll do first. Its like being a kid at a candy convention.

What are u guys looking forward to/confirmed/not confirmed? Outside of the major outstanding features of Damage/Livery editor?

PirateThom3391d ago

Honestly, the only features I was hoping for in GT5 were the return of rally tracks... but, instead, they went one better and got the WRC licence.

I don't think there's anything they could add apart from damage and custom decals, since the game was already pretty complete in GT4.

Darkeyes3391d ago

August 18th announcement huh.... Got to watch out for that day....

It's obvious Sony is seeking for a November or December release date. Even most multi-plat devs are acknowledging the fact that huge hitters like COD:MW2, Uncharted 2, GT5 and Halo are hitting this winter and hence are scurrying off to 2010. Even Sony is showing signs of moving MAG, Heavy Rain (which they already have) into 2010 to clear a path for GT5... Plus a PS3 price drop or Slim model would be a perfect bundle for GT5... Everything fits. Even Sony's 13 million prediction.... Only GT5+Slim could help PS3 reach there...

GT5+PS3 Price drop (or even better... PS3 slim) means Holiday ownage by PS3 mark my words...

cereal_killa3391d ago

Everyone keeps commenting that the reason for all the delays are because of MW2 but I honestly think it's because The Sony Games were delayed to make room for GT5. I don't know how credible this site is but I really think with all the interviews coming from the developers saying were can release it any time truly tells me there going to be releasing it for the holiday season (IMHO)

Rock Bottom3391d ago

I've never believed the "GT5 in 09" rumor, but I have to admit, this, coming from gtplanet, is more likely to be true than not. Those guys have always been GT's most trust worthy source for rumors, or in there case, GT facts.

DragonWarrior_43391d ago

Everything is looking great for GT5. The only thing I worried about is the online, and not being able to have custom races or voice chat.

LordMarius3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

Im only interested in GT5 to see what numbers it does to the PS3, not a big fan of racing/car games

Nikuma3391d ago

It's looking like this could be an amazing holiday season for Sony if all the rumors come true. PS3 slim + Price drop + GT5 = GG!

Greywulf3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )


THE BIAS3391d ago

This makes me think that quite a generous portion of sony's 3 hour conference will be dedicated to Gran Turismo 5. You was wondering how sony was going to fill the time microsoft? They're going to fill the time with the game that is going to wipe the floor with forza 3

gaffyh3391d ago

Turn10 must be quaking in their boots right now.

GTPlanet is one of the most credible sources for GT info.

Greywulf3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

I doubt it. Sony hasn't retaliated in any fashion in the face of the blatant boasting and other gimmicks from Microsoft.

I think they will just show the features of their racer, show off the photo real visuals, go over some "whats new in GT" and call it a day. Kind of like how Uncharted2 silenced the graphic debate forever, while showing amazing gameplay. Without even mentioning it from the devs themselves.

The media will then figure out 700-800 is more vehicles than other titles on their own, that racing with 16+ online is more than others, that running 1080 lines of resolution native is more, that having different actual racing licenses like WRC/NASCAR/Others is more, etc.

The only thing F3 ever had over GT realistically, was a release date.

Forza's forza, Turn10 started this mess, and losing a CNET poll they tried to fix with bribes isn't going to be the last sting of reality on how small the Forza Franchise is compared to GT.

poindat3391d ago

I cannot wait. Hopefully we will get a decent amount of juicy GT 5 information.

I personally can't see GT5 being released in anything but 2009. Yamauchi himself has said multiple times that 2009 is the target, and that "GT5 is ready to release at anytime," meaning only a bit of polishing is probably all that is left to do.

Whatever the case, GT5 remains my number 1 anticipated game. IMO, in terms of console sims, it's going to be in a class of it's own. The vast improvements over GT4 are way to big to put down or ignore.

thereapersson3391d ago

They'll still give Forza a higher rating because people will be too busy painting their cars.

However, that is one feature that I wish GT had -- customizable cars.

irish-leprecaun3391d ago

im sure you do like when things explode just once the owner is married!
tee hee!!

Greywulf3391d ago


I'm on the fence with custom cars, but then I play GT5p beginner online from time to time(aka the THUNDERDOME), and I think there will be an audience that will enjoy painting pikachu's and other things on their vehicles.

I think its extra frosting on an already delicious cake. If it didn't have it, in no way would I be sad.

mastiffchild3391d ago

MMM, IDK what PJP2 has to do with much that's holy these days-seeing how he should be kicking back with the ambrosia in the afterlife but is, instead, a ghost!

I can only think that the PS3 is the platform of choice up where those holy big hitters go, or as I said, that PJP is recklessly going rogue and haunting the gaming world for lulz behind the big guys back.

Marceles3391d ago

"GT5 is the most realistic driving sim in the history of video games, but is it too late? Forza's tire flexing and MS paint car painting says so. 6.9/10."

I can't wait for those reviews to piss me off

Greywulf3391d ago

"GT5 is the most realistic driving sim in the history of video games, but we've seen it before" 5/10

Headshot813391d ago

The next GranTurismo and Uncharted installments are due this year. Ever woundered why sony did not agressively "advertised" their currently released gems? It's because they needed to hold off their marketing for this GT monster who's getting the VIP treatment. Be prepared have GT5(+Uncharted2?-imagine that!) bundled with a ps3 pricecut. I know I'm planning on getting another ps3 for the living room, so you can count my purchase already. And the one friend of our group that hasn't bought a ps3, well its time for his wallet to enjoy a pricecut, and a ps3 for his enjoyment, WELCOME TO THE DARKSIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!

SaberEdge3391d ago

What can I say, if this rumor turns out to be true the PS3 is going to have a super holiday lineup.

na2ru13391d ago

GT5P, you unlock another class known as "S" once class C, B & A are completed. Also get TUNING OPTION. It's pretty advanced stuff. You can improve your drift handling massively.

Can't wait for WRC either.

THE BIAS3391d ago

The Definitive Brick Sh!tting Company of This Generation

ALL_STAR_283391d ago

Seems like the Pope doesn't have Faith :) lol

onanie3390d ago

Like your style, Pope :)

Tidus113390d ago

This would make perfect sense for them.... moving other games out of the christmas slot to make way for GT:5 and also helps to explain why they didn't talk about GT:5 much at E3 so it would appear to be a bombshell of an anoucement(which im sure it will if announced in august). All I can say is I can't wait for the next installment of Gran Turismo regardless of the release date. :):):):)

indysurfn3390d ago

Anyone will tell you a release date of December 29th means next year anyway, but after Christmas on top? Plus do you honestly believe Sony would not be hyping GT starting months ago if it was coming out this year. HELLO! They are not stupid. It is a top selling franchise in racing on the system. Even if the graphics are getting owned by Forza 3's photo realistic 60 frames per second (and I have to admit they are), Sony would still hype the game because it has a large following, and has been in developement for awhile, and will therefor look good enough. You think it is going to slyly slip onto the system, from the alley, or something? I think they are going to wait, and take their time because people will compare it to forza3, and say the nail is in GT's coffin like they did with Forza 2. This is a good strategy on Sony's part make the game as good looking as they can , and put it on it's own non-direct release. Let the forza newness where off, then release GT5!

Alvadr3390d ago

No gtplanet... Just no!

THC CELL3390d ago


forget online mate this game is just as good offline and
u have 800+ cars to unlock

in other words im talking about the lag section
the other stuff u said yes true

this game is going to be a big hit and there servers are going to be hit big time

and the psp connect

this game just makes forza 3 look too bad to release

whoelse3390d ago

If all these rumours about ps3 slim (and price drop), GT5 this xmas are true it would be amazing.

But when it comes to Sony it never seems to be as simple as it should be.

Would be awesome though.

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talltony3391d ago

It's coming this year, u just watch. And btw I love how some of you bring up halo odst when you hear that gt5 might release this year, just makes me laugh at how defensive of u guys get.

El Botto3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

Price cut and GT5 will make sure of that.

I predict that once PS3 base > 360s inflated userbase, you will hear the xbot idiots no longer talk about console sales but move over to video game sales. See, xbots always use arguments that suit their case only. And when the argument no longer suits them, they conveniently no longer mention it. They always do that shiat.

Lets take DD vs Blu Ray for example. Last year, I mean exactly a year ago, you had some of the same baboons and donkeys we see in this thread claiming that they are 110% sure that DD will take "over by the end of 2008" because an xbot (thats ex-xbot now) working for Microsoft claimed such thing...

To the xbots, I say: "HA-HA-HA!"

hahaha what can I say but hahahah!

Amd naturally, not one xbot mentions DD anymore. Not to mention of the lack of "Blu Ray will die soon!" articles.

ZOMBIEMAN13391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

well than i will give you the weapon to end sales . Mass Effect sold 2 million Uncarted sold 2.48 million in the same time period LBP sold 2.29 million in less time Bioshock when it was exclusive 2.24 million should i go on ? ok games on 360 that sold less than LBP , Mass Effect , Dead Rising, Saints Row 1, Condemned 1 , Crackdown and Ninja Gaiden 2 all sold less than LBP & Uncharted so yeah there's more but i won't mention so unless it's Halo or Gears no other 360 exclusive sell like the bots want you to think . i have given you the weapon to end the sales [email protected] debate so in 2010 when the sales debate is gone i want everyone to remember it's thanks to me lol

DelbertGrady3391d ago


Sily bots! AnjingLoeNgentod & a happy new year!!!

n to the b3391d ago

"See, xbots always use arguments that suit their case only. And when the argument no longer suits them, they conveniently no longer mention it."

u mean like how sony trolls conveniently no longer mention '200X - year of teh PS3!!!' or 'PS3 price cut = 360 death forever!!!'?

Nathan123 below wisely tempered his comment to possible sony 'ownage' of MS this holiday season, under the right conditions. for which I gave him bubbles+.

Man_of_the_year3390d ago no date is given, and even the author of this "article" says "Since the date has not been officially published and Sony could still change it at their leisure". It's written just for speculation and no date still.

Going by this will be released in the next 5 months. Which is pretty soon...and what adviertiding have we seen so far? What promotions have we seen other than the same old CGI trailers?

I am sorry but until Sony or Polyphny announce the date i won't believe any article or retailer site that gives guesses and speculation dates just to get hits on their site....tired of these "i heard it from a very reliable source but we can't say anything" comments.

BooHooBot3390d ago

sandy claus pwease give me gwan tuwismo! me wanty; y does my console not get this? WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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Fishy Fingers3391d ago

Nothings confirmed, but rumour after rumour has it lined up for a Christmas 09 release.

badz1493390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

I was never a big fan of GT but I'm hyped for GT5 just because GT5p is stunningly awesome! plus WRC, which I really really love, I'm buying G25 just for GT5! come on PD, millions are waiting for 5!

lagoonalight3390d ago

The G27 is coming out with improved features I wouldn't settle on the 25.

paskowitz3391d ago

This is the deal folks. Sony and PD are currently gauging the BEST time to release GT5 in order to not only maximize sales of GT5 but the PS3 as well. Most people forget this simple fact,


Do you understand what that means? It means despite what you may think GT is bigger than Halo, Gears, GOW, Forza, NFS, Mario Kart, Zelda, Metriod, and just about any series you can think of that comes out on a console. You can be damn sure Sony does not want to mess this up. In fact there position in the "console wars" hinges on GT5. I bet you that every week GT5's release is brought up at the boardroom meetings they have. People do not seem to understand that a $40 "half game/demo/prologue/trial" of GT5 sold OVER 3 MILLION COPIES worldwide! Most FULL games do not even come close to that.

Pizzagaki3391d ago

Not true, Dragon quest, final fantasy, mario etch all sold more copies then GT and GTA.

GT do is a very good selling series tho, but i wouldnt claim thats its the second best selling series......

vic_doom3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )


you have a link to that somewhere?
just wondering if by series you mean franchise? there is no way a game with 5 releases can sell as much as mario and pokemon which has 10 times and many releases each.

Pizzagaki3391d ago

Just to proof hes wrong:

GTA is on 7, GT is on 15.

Simon_Brezhnev3391d ago

I hate to say it but i remember seeing Mario Kart just reached 50 million

sunil3391d ago

nfs sells better than gt ... interesting

vic_doom3391d ago

i was just looking at that myself. i dont take wiki as fact but those numbers seem accurate to me. was just wondering if he meant something else by "series"?

Pizzagaki3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

If he means something else then series, hes still wrong...
Theres zelda games, mario games, halo games, sims games, wii sports etch, that all outsold the best selling GT by themselves on any console (9.5 million).

And yes, NFS sold more copies, theres been a wadload of NFS games, sometimes quantity can make you earn more cash....

paskowitz3391d ago

I am referring strictly to sales on a console. That does not include other platforms like the PC or handhelds. I do not have the link right in front of me but with that contingent I believe my words are accurate.

Pizzagaki3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

Even then your wrong, theres been so many mario, zelda, sonic, nfs games on consoles, that GT and GTA cant possible be the first 2.

Heck, theres been so many mario games out there, that GT and GTA would have to sell 20 M copies for every iteration the coming 10 years, to be able to even get near Mario.

paskowitz3391d ago

Also Mario is technically not a "series" more of a brand name. There have been many Mario games that have been distinctly different versions, thus a different series. Its really up in the air and not worth arguing about. If you take out handheld sales GT has sold more than say Zelda. Even NFS, which was sold mostly on the PC in the beginning. Take that out and only look at console sales and GT is at the very top. I do not know about current games like Wii sports that may have eclipsed GT but if not #2 then top 5.

loganremy3391d ago

correct me if i'm wrong,but the highest selling GT series was GT3. I thought that game sold somewhere between 14-15 million copies, and GT4 sold somewhere between 9-10 million. giving that the GT franchise only made 4 games( not including prologue ),,and the lowest that it sold was 9 million. is something for a non arcade racing game.

Greywulf3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

= )

Of course Nintendogs has sold more than GT. But GT has sold more than its direct competition, which sure in no way hell is every 3 NFS games launched every week Cookgaki.

Lets be real here, you understood what he was saying. Its bigger than Halo, Gears, GOW, Forza for sure, but it was also out earlier than those franchises, except forza2 only managed to sell.. what was it.. 2 million bundled copies?

cmrbe3391d ago

@pizza. If Sony bundle gt with every ps console like nin with mario. Gt would have sold at least 150 million copies by now.

JonnyBigBoss3390d ago

Great post my friend. Go Gran Turismo! Nothing like some logic.

Sitdown3390d ago

without even breaking down the numbers.......your post seems a little strange. A good game will sell no matter when its released...and because the Gran Turismo series is such a beast, it really would not matter when its released......because people will purchase it. All Sony needs to do is give people a 2 to 3 months notice, and I am sure people will take the appropriate steps to secure the title at launch. There are probably people who already have their preorders paid in full.

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-Mezzo-3391d ago

I will not only like the release date of GT5, i would make love to it.

stevenhiggster3391d ago

Lmao, bubbles to you good sir.
I'll join in and it can be a threesome.

-Mezzo-3391d ago

Thank you.

And you are most welcome we'll take it on a drive together.

(Boy That Sounds Weird). LOL =)