MotionPlus support in Zelda Wii pretty much a guarantee

Even before concept art for Zelda Wii was officially shown at E3 2009, a majority of fans were in agreement that the game should support Wii MotionPlus. However, there were some contradicting statements made by Shigeru Miyamoto coming out of E3. D

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knox3391d ago

thank gawd for this, but i nevr doubted that it wouldnt be in there

skatezero2463391d ago

yea thats commen sense in my opinion

-Mezzo-3391d ago

I was already sure of this

3391d ago
hatchimatchi3390d ago

awesome, can't wait for some actual info about the game though. Zelda is what keeps me interested in nintendo, with mario/mario kart following suite of course.