They Mostly Come At Night... Mostly

The scariest monsters in video games

Part of the fun of playing a scary game is walking your character through dark corridors at 2am, while the rest of your family is asleep, trying to scare yourself silly. Sure it's just a game, but that won't stop you jumping a mile when a zombie dog bursts through a window or you're wandering around a research facility and a Hell Knight roars in your ear.

The fact is, no sooner have you jumped out of your skin than you let out a nervous giggle and carry on walking down that same corridor. Horror films have been producing this odd blend of terror followed by laughter for many decades, but it wasn't really until Resident Evil in 1996 that horror - or 'survival horror' as it became known - made the experience much more interactive. But even going back as far as the 80's we had things that went bump in the night in pixel form.

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