EU says Microsoft not complying with decision-source

An EU committee ruled on Monday that Microsoft failed to comply with a landmark antitrust decision, paving the way for fines of up to 2 million euros ($2.56 million) a day, a source familiar with the situation said.

Sources had previously told Reuters that the advisory committee would decide against the U.S. software group and that another meeting was scheduled to take place on July 10 to decide the size of the fine.

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"Microsoft is dedicating massive resources to ensure we meet the aggressive schedule and high quality standard set by ... the Commission in this process," Microsoft said on Monday. The Commission declined to comment.

DC RID3R6174d ago

cmon MS, if you guys owe it, pay your debts!!

BIadestarX6174d ago

Cry me a river... antitrust laws are the reason why our internet connection is not 100Mbits, windows have viruses, cars don't run on water, and pretty much slows and will continue to slow how fast we advance technologically. How is antitrust helping the consumer? i.e. How is blocking Microsoft from integrating an antivirus into their OS so other companies can sell theirs benefit the consumer? I can only imagine how technologically advance we would be if we didn’t have these stupid laws.

bung tickler6173d ago

they (ms) should just not sell windows in europe. not support it in europe. and let those greedy EU pricks use linux. then they can cry all they want.

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