Gamebosh Review: Wii Sports Resort

Gamebosh writes: "About two and a half years ago, gaming changed, signalling an end to the days where sitting in your 'Laz-E-Boy' chair, eating Wotsits and sipping milkshakes were the norm. All of a sudden we had to get up, move around and actually work physically to prove our electronic expertise. To begin with it was a strange and almost uncomfortable feeling. But then we got used to it, it became fun and we began sharing our gaming experiences with our friends and loved ones. Even our Grans! That's correct; it was at that time that the Wii entered our lives, along with the revolutionary Wii Sports. Many of us are still slogging it out on the best freebie you will ever receive, with the belief that we will beat that bowling score; One day.

For those of you who have been there, done that and have the pulled muscles to prove it, the time has come for new challenges. Let us introduce you to Wii Sports Resort. Now, the main question on all of our lips is, how are Nintendo going to better the original? What can they do to make it different? Well, let us start at the beginning."

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