Sales of consoles in France: Nintendo dominates, Microsoft pains

"The Echoes" published in their last number the charts French hardware over the first quarter 2007.

These numbers are the hardware sales from January until March this year. The PS3 launched in March, but the other consoles were being sold throughout this period.

Sales hardware in France (1st quarter 2007)

1. DS 260.000

2. Wii 144.000

3. PS2 92.000

4. PSP 90.000

5. PS3 81.000

6. Xbox 360 43.000

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nice_cuppa5261d ago

if this is all they can do with such a new product how bad will the sales be next tine ???

techie5261d ago

ps. who are we talking about? PS3 sales there are for about a week and a half....and sold half of the Wii for 3 months.

5261d ago
nix5261d ago

any one knows how many xbox 360s and Wiis has been sold in france so far?

TheMART5261d ago (Edited 5261d ago )

"charts French hardware over the first quarter 2007. "

That's right, the launch included. The launch sold well to fanboys, after that declined. UK dropped 82% in the second week, and even more after that. French not much difference.

So wait untill the 2nd and 3rd quarter. You'll see the PS3 dropping to all time lows.

"1. DS 260.000

2. Wii 144.000

3. PS2 92.000

4. PSP 90.000 "

Selling because they're cheap...

@ the dude below

Isn't the number of PS3 sales in this list or news then? IT IS
So if I want to talk about it, I will. Not you nor anyone else will decide about that.

You can discuss or think otherwise but for the rest ssshhhhh

5261d ago
nix5261d ago

first it was japan, now looks like france also hates xbox 360...

Mart, start pissing on french as well.

xfrgtr5261d ago

Like I said before,the 360 is a DISASTER in Europe

PhinneousD5261d ago (Edited 5261d ago )

it's france, who cares. ps3s still getting outsold by 2s is shameful though.

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BIadestarX5261d ago (Edited 5261d ago )

I'm not impressed by these numbers. I guess they don't play that much games in France... these numbers wouldn't make a dent in the overral... we are talking about PS3 27K per month, XBox 360 14K per month... hardly anything to make a party over it.

@Raist - Explain to me what "Sales hardware in France (1st quarter 2007)" and how many months there is in a quarter? Now divide the number of sales for the PS3 during the quater by number of months in a quater.

Then again, I totally forgot that Sony failed to release the console as promised last year. So, I think they are only counting 1 month.
I think sales are great. But hardly will help Sony get to the 100,000,000 mark as they say they are. Still, globably the 360 is selling more, which means they are NOT catching up.

Raist5261d ago

81k PS3's in a week = 27k PS3's per month ?


TheMART5261d ago

165k units @ launch in UK became 10k a week now after the launch and declines every week.

So it'll even be worse then that a month!

nix5261d ago (Edited 5261d ago )

Mart is supporting Bladestar... just like in the LBP. helping each other out... chooo... cute! that game is just the right one for you two. q:

ya... blade, france must be one hell-of-a-boring-country... but they got great lasses!!! ahhh.....

EDIT: my precious bubble.....


XxZxX5261d ago

nice math there blade, keep in mind. PS3 just sold for a month. How did you come out with 27k? lol

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tehcellownu5261d ago

thats great news for sony. And hey have japan too..the 360 will never dominate..

ThaGeNeCySt5261d ago

sony doesn't have japan yet, ninty does

5261d ago
tehcellownu5261d ago

IF they manage to sell the ps3 at a expensive price..And they did a price drop next year..they will tear another ass for the 360..cuz the ps3 sales will sky rocket

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naturalgamer5261d ago

all consoles sold really well. it's a good start for the ps3. and for the 360 - this system is been around for a long time and has still strong sales.

i don't care much about nintendo's products but i think .... "IT PRINTS MONEEYYY"

the wii isn't playing in the same league like 360 and ps3 but it's good that it exists ... once i have kids, i don't want them to play some God or Gears of War.