First Blu-Ray PC Disk Burners Coming

BenQ recently announces the next generation optical writer, the BenQ BW1000 trio writer. The BenQ BW1000 incorporates three types of lasers to support multiple media formats – The current red laser disc, infra-red laser and the new blue laser disc Blu-Ray. Together with other features, such as precision Tilt Control System, SolidBurn and Write Right technology, this high-capacity optical drive device with Blu-Ray technology encompasses all the right applications for a greater read/ write capability with Blu-Ray discs and compatibility with both DVD and CD.

kingboy6183d ago

lol outlaw is on fire with the news again

OutLaw6183d ago

I think you're mad cool. I hope you enjoy the news.

TheMART6183d ago

"The BenQ BW1000 will be available in the market as from end of August 2006 at a suggested retail price of € 799,00 including VAT. "


I bet HD-DVD PC writers will be cheaper. As is the stand alone player for 500 dollar/euro compared to 1.000 for most BR stand alone's

Guttersnype6182d ago

I wonder when Samsung is finally gonna release theirs.

omansteveo6182d ago

Is this really a big deal they still put most PC games on CD-Rom and DVD and DVD-rom have been out forever so i dont see this being a big deal for your PC in a "normal" house-hold so to speak

omansteveo6182d ago

i gues what i was trying to say fr the everyday average Joe DVD format does fine for everything they want to accomplish and i dont see people rushing out to get this to watch a Blu-ray movie on they're computer

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