Dragon Quest IX Tops Famitsu's Most Wanted.

Dragon Quest IX Tops Famitsu Most Wanted, followed with 4 ps3 games. Final Fantasy XIII,Biohard 5(Resident Evil), Metal Gear Solid 4 and Monster Hunter.

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uHuRu4188d ago

Metal Gear Solvent? lol.

PS3 has the best games. its just a shame, the games are not yet out.

tehcellownu4188d ago

Once all these games comes out i expect the rise of sales of ps3 to be very high..japan wants the ps3 version.what did you expect ps3 is sell better then 360 over there.the ps3 only have lost odssey and thats it lol

Odiah4188d ago

Expect DS sales to sky rocket once DQ comes out. As if it isn't popular enough already.

decapitator4188d ago

is the only that am interested in that lizt.

CrazzyMan4188d ago

PS3 for sure will dominate, when all these most wanted games will be released. :)

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