First Trinity Universe Trailer Released --- Nippon Ichi Software has released the debut trailer for their upcoming 3D PlayStation 3 cross-over RPG, Trinity Universe, on the game's official website today. The trailer starts off with some dialogue but eventually gets into some gameplay. You'll see the main character running around in dungeons and getting into battles. The battle system looks interesting; it looks like it involves some button combos.

Read on for the clip.

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Godmars2903460d ago

Seriously, B level title like this should have been doing this day-one on the PS3 and 360.

zangetsu3459d ago

NIS just caters to a different audience. you know, old school RPG gamers and anime fans, NOT CG whores. you guys have your square enix games to cater to you people

Godmars2903459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

At least with the PS3 and 360 which are both more powerful machines than last gen. The was, or should have been, an expectation of overall improvement in how games were done. Cosmetic changes that should have included an end to static, sterile and frozen character animations.

Honestly, the little bit of animation in this trailer isn't that big an effort. Shows a sign of evolution that should have been in Disgaea 3, given that otherwise it was a PS2 game.

zangetsu3459d ago

you should consider this.
almost 100% of games this gen cater to the graphics, CG, and HD whores such as yourself.
i do like to play those games too, but there are alot of gamers like me who like to enjoy some nostalgic gaming. there is nothing wrong with catering to an all around audience and there is nothing wrong with the audience that likes these game. however, being an elitist gamer such as yourself isn't very rewarding.

Godmars2903459d ago

Disgaea 3 was day-one for me and I have well over 200 hours of play time on the first two.

Had 80 on 3, but then my PS3 YLOD

Hell people, all I'm asking for is some cheap flash animation that's been on indy JP PC games for years. Not 20 hours of movie quality cutscenes or a FFXIII level production on every game.