Men Prefer Playstations to Women, Parents, and Friends

From In2Town Lifestyle Magazine:
"The research revealed that, on average, men spend more time playing on their games consoles every month than they do with their girlfriends, mums and even their mates. The study found that just under two thirds of men own a games console of some description and 22% of those men spend a whopping 2.5 days every month in a virtual bubble."


This article refers to all video game consoles not just the Playstation brands. I was abiding the N4G rules by copying over the original article's title. Sorry for the confusion.

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BulletToothtony4377d ago

but once i've gotten some booty is back to games.. i'm sorry girl, but if you want me to get off the couch you better go buy some new lingerie or something.. otherwise i'm waiting til the night

SaiyanFury4376d ago

I pay my wife plenty of attention. I game on average maybe 20+ hours per week, but my wife also games on her PC after she gets home from work. She gives me as much attention as I give her. She loves games as well as I do. She doesn't expect me to wine and dine her, but she likes the time we spend together. She'll come home from a 9 hour work day and focus completely on The Sims 2 for a long time. I don't dissuade her from it. If that's what she wants to spend her time on, then that's fine. We have plenty of "personal time", but outside of that, she loves playing games.

The_Firestarter4376d ago

I respect that, because it's the same with me and my girl. If she wants to play The Last Guy on the PS3, I tell her, "Go ahead." She plays that and I play some GOW on the PSP. There's no arguing and it's a win-win situation for us both. Kudos to you and your wife. Game on.

LightofDarkness4376d ago

I find I don't care about games that much when I'm with a girl. Right now I'm enjoying bachelor-hood, but I think it's time a found a more steady girlfriend. Which means yes, I will stray from gaming for some time while much of my free-time is devoted to her, but I'm OK with it. My machines will be right where I leave them whenever I feel the need to jump in.

Honestly this survey doesn't reflect my personal experiences at all. If I'm with a girl for an extended period she's not a buck fuddy, she's someone important to me whom I will actually WANT to spend a lot of time with (and not jump into virtual worlds to escape her). Although if she was a gamer (I've ne'er met a hot/hospitable one), it would be quite different, methinks.

morganfell4376d ago

My wife doesn't mind at all. She appreciates the fact I am at home and not out drinking like some other husbands. She picks up the beer and has bought me 3 different gaming rockers without my asking. She pushed for me to reward myself with a new XBR as well.

DaTruth4376d ago

Wish my wife saw it that way! That is the reason I game so much now. She complains about it, than I go to my friends house for an hour and she complains about that; An hour on N4G and more complaining.

And yes, we did just have an argument!

RememberThe3574376d ago (Edited 4376d ago )

Sounds like you need to have a talk with your wife about respect. Remember the 80-20 rule, you always need to compromise, you'll never get 100% of what you want. If you both compromise you both end up with 80% of what you need. Together that's 160%, more then enough and much better then the alternative, 40%.

On topic: I used to do this all the time. After a while you realize that the games will be there when she leaves. I'm young and I don't live a significant other. so they're not always around. In my case I can get the best of both worlds. I game, then when she comes over (whoever she is at the time), I spend it with her. I've actually lost some pretty cool chicks because I was sucked into GTA:SA or something like that.

In the best your relationships should come first, if she/he is just a piece of ass then it's whatever, but if you care about that person your doing both of you a favor to nurture that relationship. These are the people you love, and as much as I love gaming, they are much more important.

BWS19824376d ago

loves co-op gaming, we went through Army of Two together, then Resistance 1 together, we've been doing LBP off and on together...she likes me on her side because she's not as skilled, even with handicapped settings in something like Perfect Dark it's frustrating for her. She'll go through a Tomb Raider herself though and really likes gaming compared to most 20 something women...We have worked out together, gamed together, movies, it's a nice commonality to have when video games are on the list too, makes things a little less contrasting in personalities.

BulletToothtony4376d ago

but i would've said.. come on girl i said the GSXR

SprSynJn4376d ago

I wish my wife saw it that way too. Unfortunately her father was also one of those family men and therefore spoiled her rotten. Maybe someday she will realize how lucky she might be. Her father tells her often enough, you would think she would get it.

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omni_atlas4377d ago

I don't watch TV. Do they take that into consideration?

At least you're pro-active with your mind; less likely to slip into dementia or alzheimer.

ChozenWoan4376d ago

unless you put on fanboy goggles, then it's too late. lol

Nihilism4376d ago

same here i haven't watched tv for about 5 years, i can't stand it, games like you said require you to think, tv does not....*cough, fox news cough*

The Killer4376d ago

for several years now, i am mid 20's at age!

and life without TV is much better!!

internet is better way to get info and knowledge

Chimerhazzard4376d ago

I also abandoned TV. I don't have that much free time, so I prefer to waste it playing videogames, instead of watching Ads... Besides, when I found out I could watch any series I wanted and when I wanted on my PC, the TV lost it's purpose.

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Halo3 MLG Pro4376d ago

Not surprised. Sony fanboys are total nerds.

The_Beast4376d ago (Edited 4376d ago )

The study found that just under two thirds of men own a games console of some description and 22% of those men spend a whopping 2.5 days every month in a virtual bubble."

does the word "games console" make sence
how sutpid do you feel now

Kon_Artist 4376d ago

silly lil driod.

it cant be xbox 360. it would get RROD after clocking in a whopping 5 hours, then it gets sent in for 2 weeks. so the max there ganna play is 10hrs if there lucky

user8586214376d ago

coming 4rm people buying games and hyping ova a dude wearing a power ranger costume??.......yh were the nerds -_-'

presto7174376d ago

That was some epic ownage right there.


Ilikegames764376d ago

while teenagers who's only source of income is allowance from their parents owns the 360.

BYE4376d ago (Edited 4376d ago )

You didn't get it. Playstation means all consoles.

Playstation is an established word for consoles in general, like Kleenex for tissues.

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The Playstation doesn't yell at me unlike women who always nag. The only time the Playstation yells is when I'm playing Socom Confrontation.

Clarence Callahan4376d ago

Well, if i had to choose what to lose: my girlfriend or my ps3: i will keep my girlfriend, it's just that i don't choose a machine over someone i love, lol, even though the ps3 is an amazing piece of technology, i will still go for my girl, and btw, a ps3 is something you can buy the next day again, your girlfriend... isn't, lol

omni_atlas4376d ago

Well, you can't really have sex with your PS3. Or can you? ...

KRUSSIDULL4376d ago (Edited 4376d ago )

Not until next system update

DaTruth4376d ago

There's quite a few people on this site who really love their gaming machine... or a specific corporation that makes gaming machines; And will attack and kill owners of its rival gaming machine!

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