Half-Life 2 on X360?

Despite a 2005 release on Xbox and qualified arguments against bringing Half-Life 2 to Xbox 360, Valve is apparently bringing its award-winning first-person shooter, Half-Life 2, to Xbox 360 in early 2007, according to two retail stores.

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TheXgamerLive5490d ago

I thought I read in a valve software message board that it's actually Half-life 3 that's coming next year to the xbox 360 and that as a bonus half-life 2 may be included (probably just a rumor). I would also think that they'd in a major way have an online version as that's where the true game play is today. Single campaign is fun but it's only practice for online gaming as in GRAW. Single mode is basically practice for online. Either way if it's just Half-Life 2 I'll be happy but that's only if it's made for next gen. and not just a dolled up port. I'll buy no more ports, hitman was it for me. No More!

TheXgamerLive5490d ago

Oh sucks: ) lol!

yamamoto1144743d ago

Um, how did this 3-year-old article get approved?

MK_Red4743d ago

lol, this wasn't approved now. Check out the date of N4G's story. It was published 750 days ago!

The real question is, how did you find it?

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The story is too old to be commented.