PSLS Review - SingStar: Queen

PlayStation LifeStyle writes "Queen, the English rock band, headed by the flamboyant Freddy Mercury made quite an impact throughout their music career, selling over 300 million albums to date. Being such a success, and having so many memorable songs under their belt, Queen is a perfect fit for the SingStar series. So does SingStar: Queen 'rock you' or is it another game that 'bites the dust'?"

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ps3gamerkyle4076d ago

I may have to pick this up later. Good review.

Lifewish4076d ago

i love queen but not interested in Singstar

Cajun Chicken4076d ago

I need this. But Alas, the price of the mics are too high, I don't have enough friends around all the time and I don't believe I can sing...but I do love Queen glam rock classics.

dopeboimagic924074d ago

But not for me. Great if you like Queen I guess...