Racist White PSP Ad?

The new white PSP is coming to Europe soon, and Sony's marketing department has put together an ad that according to some people has a racist undertone. What do you think?

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shotty6494d ago

Sony, you sure are planning your next steps carefully. LOL

deepio6494d ago

Oh deary me Sony. Oh...deary...me...

jesstray6494d ago

As a black man, I originally found it to be racist until I followed the link to their site. It appears as if the two women are actually fighting.

Dick Jones6494d ago

I'm sure Sony made this ad to kick off the next race wars. Grow up people.

OutLaw6493d ago

Well I feel something like this is racist. We are not just talking about a Sony site that shows the whole scenario. We are talking about a big billboard that tells a different tale. If I was driving by this AD I would definitely look at it like Sony went too far.

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