August 2009 Dashboard Update Changes Minimum Game Install Sizes

Cheap Ass Gamer user 'dumlaox' has stumbled upon the fact that there is no longer a minimum game install size of 3.4 GB for games installed to your HDD. Anyone using the new dashboard update released a few days ago as part of the preview program will notice that games overall are appearing to be smaller. King of Fighters XII clocks in at 703 MB. Why the sudden change (and no word from Microsoft...yet), who knows but there seems to be the potential to save quite some space with this new update.

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Elven64555d ago

Better compression technology I assume? This would be great for multidisc games.

SynGamer4555d ago

I'm wondering if MS took out some buffer data or something. The games are already compressed to fit onto the DVDs, why compress them again, you know?

KingKionic 4555d ago

I wonder how much mass effect is...hmm

SynGamer4555d ago (Edited 4555d ago )

It was reported to be 6.8 GB still. If you check the thread the story links to, about 10 games were just updated and there's some nice space savings there.

Here's the list for those that are lazy;

"Some new game install sizes straight from the closed forums:

Battlefield: Bad Company - 6.2GB
The Simpsons Game: 4.1GB
Tom Clancy's EndWar: 4.8GB
The Orange Box: 3.9GB
Burnout Paradise: 2.8 GB
Banjo-Kazooie Nuts & Bolts: 6.2GB
You're In the Movies: 4.7GB
Lips: 3.8 GB
Scene It! Box Office Smash: 5.0 GB
Trivial Pursuit: 1.5 GB
Kameo: 5.4GB
Amped 3: 6.0 GB
FIFA 09: 5.3GB
Fallout 3: 5.5GB
Mass Effect: 6.8GB
Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad - 2.8GB
Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom - 4.1GB"

KingKionic 4555d ago

Ah..thats interesting .

So now i guess ill have to check other games ....


ShabzS4555d ago (Edited 4555d ago )

damn mass effect is the same huh ... orange box just went down a full 1 gb ... it was 4.7 before ... how did burnout just go to 2.8 gb ?... damn thats a lot of compression... someone try out gears 2 if they can

iagainsti1204555d ago (Edited 4555d ago )

A lot of games now days have some duplicate data on the discs so that the laser doesn't have to go all over the place to load something. IE texture placed at the beginning of the disc may be duplicated near the middle to decress load times.

EDIT:They could have also removed security features from the game images as well

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KingKionic 4555d ago (Edited 4555d ago )

I did not notice this. Good find .

KingKionic 4555d ago

Now i messed up on my reply


Omega44555d ago

How did they manage that?

Arent the installs meant to reduce loading time, if they are compressing stuff the loading would get bigger.

Seems like MS are doing the impossible, no wonder they didnt back bluray

ActionBastard4555d ago (Edited 4555d ago )

Where do they mention loading times again? Also, SynGamer's post above kinda blows your misguided perspective out of the water. The savings are good, but until someone says KOF at 700MB runs like a champ, I'll wait to give MS an award.

KingKionic 4555d ago

We dont know how many games are effected from this update .

roxkis4555d ago

just removed the junk data on the disc to save space.
It makes more sense.

SynGamer hit the nail on the head

SynGamer4555d ago

Unfortunately, it looks like a good majority of the games are going to be affected to some degree. Just because the games are installing smaller isn't a testament to MS. It's due to the type of game, graphics, and size/scope the developers aimed for.

ActionBastard4555d ago

What "junk" data would that be exactly? With you still needing the disc in the drive to play the installed copy? Syn did indeed hit the nail on the head. The jump the gun attitude that ALL games are suddenly going to be 3-700MB is funny.

KingKionic 4555d ago

The games stil running from hard rive .

This is a pretty cool update on the full game installs .

ActionBastard4555d ago

Right, it is. But the space requirements still suck. Suck less, true. But still suck.

KingKionic 4555d ago

What would you want a full game requirement to be ?

At least Microsoft release this update to help with the space issues .

I wonder why they didn't include this in the xbox preview when i looked at it .

You also can eject the disc out of drive with X now .


ShabzS4555d ago

seriously ?.. an eject button with x ?... thats actually awesome ... now who's gonna go and put the damn disc in ?

JasonPC360PS3Wii4555d ago (Edited 4555d ago )

There are still alot of new features I find everyday.

clear system cache is one button
display discovery
game and dlc ratings
help how to tips
media sorting for content from your computer or usb HDD streaming
more achievment options
more Avatar options
games on demand
better cataloging for games and movies
guide is faster
NXE is faster
more party options
game marketplace, video marketplave and Avatar marketplace on your guide menu
new award feature for Avatar games

I'm sure more will come when the update is released

Elven64555d ago

According to other posters, load times have not increased in anyway for the games they tested.

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SynGamer4555d ago

Halo 3 has always been one of the few games that performs worse. I'm hoping some one tests it out soon because the size is smaller...perhaps that will lead to better performance off of the HDD?

Veneno4555d ago

I won't get to see all the changes that got made :( , thank you Microsoft.

SynGamer4555d ago

The update should be going live on August 11th, according to Major Nelson.

ShabzS4555d ago

ouch ... sucks man ... hope you had warranty

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