New Forza Motorsports 2 Screenshots.

There are nine new Forza Motorsports Screenshots on

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FordGTGuy5014d ago

There are 120 new Forza Motorsport 2 images at

Systematrix5014d ago

I'm as excited as the next about Forza 2 coming out, but I'm about sick to death of Forza screenshots, let's just wait until the game is released.

Bhai5014d ago

No offence to anyone, xbot or not, I truely believe there are a lot of folks in the PS3 fanside that love this game but PLEASE EVERYBODY ! does this befits a game that is coming after or around 2 years afte the launch of a system to looks like this or have game assets of such a past-gen feel ? Look at the hands and model-quality of the pit-workers, as well as the background vehicles and other static assets ! Why is it that Microsoft's most first party titles are the ones that look rubbish on their own system ?

Pit Freaks:
(Ugly, ain't it ?)

PS3's Pit-Workers:
Look at this, this is GT: HD...the HD version of the PS2's GT4 engine, and not a truly next-gen-worked-upon game("remember": This is 'NOT' GT5):

YOU BE THE JUDGE...and lets not start about other 'in-racing' screens, for web is the judge, even GT4's screens on PS2 are above them.

_insane_cobra5013d ago

That sure is ugly. However, it's also irrelevant to the core racing experience and Turn10 obviously decided those resources were better spent elsewhere (like superior handling, AI and damage modeling).

Extra Guy5014d ago

Sorry Bhai but i believe that the guys a polyphony like to pre-render all the environments and spectators. They look good but that's because they aren't rendered in real time. Also the problem with that method is that it doesn't fit the game and actually detracts from the experience IMO. Still i have to say that the PGR3 car models (not the effects like reflections) hammer Forzas, i'm assuming though that's because of the complex physics which need to be calculated. Still i don't really care as i'm still going to buy it.

CrazzyMan5013d ago

but in motion better, by last videos, my opinion:
cars don`t look nextgenish.
from cabine nextgenish.
the near road grass don`t look nextgenish.
furher environment look nextgenish.

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The story is too old to be commented.