Madden NFL 08 First Look

IGN previews EA's Madden NFL 2008 and after having a lackluster 2007 version of the game, EA has focused back on its gameplay. Developer Tiburon is moving into the next generation along with consoles adding new and improved features to Madden'08. Tiburon's head man Steve Chiang said, "There are no more excuses with Madden. There will only be results."

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Inasid4189d ago

I am looking forward to some sort of improvement for this game, the last three years seem like a repeat for me. I know custom soundtracks are cool, but I felt that the music which was missing during gameplay was a key element which was lost.

End1ess4188d ago

EA really let go of their work on the next gen titles, NCAA and Madden used to be my two favorite games to play and I'd pick them up the day of release just to see how much MORE fun the next series was and to try out the new cool features, but it seems like they're quickly running out of steam.

Monchichi0254188d ago

And Madden sucks!!!!!

Much rather play 2K with no license then this crappy game.

Stiffler2034188d ago

I agree with monchichi025 I just hope the curse doesn't get Vince. Once again nothing is innovative with the Madden franchise gang tackling been done and probably done better then they will. All Pro Football 2K8 will crush Madden in every sense.

SpinalRemains1384188d ago

Will the PS3 version of the game be the same as the xbox version again? Last years game was totally different from everything we Sony players have come accustomed to. The play calling screen was horrible, the button configuration was ass backwards, and the gameplay was the worst ever! Give us back the Madden that we have been loving; don't just give us a crappy version of the 360 game. Please!!!!!!!!!!!! I seems like they went backwards last year. Anyone else agree?

IPlayGames4188d ago

I had the 360 ver. 1st and the play sel. screen sucked mostly when your playing with a friend and you can see the play he picks. Then i traded the 360 for the PS3 ver and its the same thing.

What happen to all the defense aud. and the indi. auds.

The ps2 ver was the best madden of them all last year to bad the graphics sucked arse compared to nex-gen.

Mighty Boom4188d ago

I love this game even though they fu$#ked it up last year. Hopefully 2k WILL KEEPTHEM IN CHECK!

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