The Evolution of Gaming

Video game series often outlive consoles and this means developers get the opportunity to rebuild their same games and characters on new and more powerful hardware for each new generation of consoles.

Whilst games improve also graphically during a consoles lifetime; moving from 1st to 2nd and even to the 3rd+ generation(s) , the main graphical jumps come at the dawn of each new hardware iteration.

So PSU have created a selection of montages to illustrate this 'evolution' of gaming. Enjoy!

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nicodemus4192d ago

Just wish the shots were a little bigger!

NoUseMerc4192d ago

If you click the images they lead to teh full size images!

nicodemus4192d ago

unless I'm missing something, the full-size image is just 4 screencaps squeezed into a window smaller than a single 480p image. I just want it bigger, that's all

NoUseMerc4192d ago

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Caxtus7504192d ago

poorly done....mario photo opens mgs in full screen...GTA does not work...

and where is tomb raider? that would have been a good one considering how the image has changed or how about fifa or Madden rather than halo twice and 2 car games. GT should be displayed rather than PGR simply due to it being an older franchise.

IF you are only going to have that amount shown....display a wider range.


other than that is is interesting to see how graphics have evolved.

Oh, one last rant-the images all looked VERY similar....that is due to the size im guessing and not a very good representation as Tekken 2 looks almost as good as the PS2 version and the same with MGS. This is obviously not true in real life lol.

basically....i feel this was a good idea but poorly executed.

NoUseMerc4192d ago

The problems with some of the images have been fixed. I fixed them. Also I plan to do this whole thing on a regular basis so if you want Tomb Raider, look for it in the next edition!

This is not to cause flame wars, just for fun!

Caxtus7504192d ago

ok thanks :)

its a good idea! seriously!

il be checking regularly lol :)

power of Green 4192d ago

I agree the pics are so small and such poor quality you can't appreciate the differences. GTA 4's close up and Halo 3's rocks in the back ground are the only way you can tell differences with out working at it. MGS4 well i dont know what i'm looking at to make any calls is it CGI?.

NoUseMerc4192d ago

If you click the images on PSU they enlarge to a bigger size. Also, I plan to do this regularly like a once a month thing so if you guys want to post requests for next time I can do that!

power of Green 4192d ago

I did not realize this was from PSU that explains everthing after going in the site seeing halo with two comparisons comparing two finished games with a Beta explaines it. It also explains why a PS3 fan would get news from a PS3 site and try to make some fanboy point trying to justify it by showing a 360 game in its beta form with place holders put in place. Halo twice? with a betta build. who did this a 14 year old Sony fanboy?.

MySwordIsHeavenly4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

"I tried to make a post, but then I got high..."

~afroman featuring power of green

Edit: No, that FFVXIII isn't in-game, but PSM said FFXIII (so far) looks identical to Spirits Within. What other game can look as good as that movie??? Even Crysis can't boast those visuals...

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The story is too old to be commented.