10 Zegapain XOR images

Bandai released via xbox.com these mostly new images of Zegapain XOR.

BLACKSTYX6503d ago

yea they really got it looking like the anime now. Really impressed, and the gameplay is fun aswell. I member the gameplay in the older zegapain's was pretty solid. So this one shouldnt have a problem. Zegapain is big in japan, they always have tournaments and stuff. But I don't think the addition of this will cause ppl to shell out and get a 360 yet. Think Blue Dragon has the best bet in achieving that. Seeing how its still #7 most wanted game over there. Sucks this game won't probably make it to the states or europe doh.

Zegapain XOR demo out in Japan

Lucky gamers with a...cough...Japanese Xbox Live account can now download the demo for Zegapain XOR

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MissAubrey6489d ago (Edited 6489d ago )

...cough...this game blows...cough...
believe me I tried it.

Zegapain XOR demo up

The demo for Zegapain XOR is up again. It was up for a quick moment a few weeks ago but apparently Microsoft fixed something and allowed it to be released again.

TheMART6493d ago

Damn there is some real Japanese inthere ;)

I downloaded it on my Japanese account and well let's say it's something completely different haha

Ah well it's great to have some diversity and see what Japanese like! Now the demo of Saints Row would be nice :)