Gamespot Butchers Calling All Cars

After receiving very good scores of 8.5 from IGN and 8.0 from, Gamespot has given David Jaffe's latest downloadable title a 6.7.

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Sevir044192d ago

with every review of ps3 exclusive stuff, they seem really really really more baised toward MS. oh well you can please everybody.

BIadestarX4192d ago

They stated their reasons, "Calling All Cars! has the makings of a fun and exciting multiplayer game, but it feels more like a demo than a full game. With at least double the number of maps, weapons, and cars, this would be worth checking out. As it is now, there's just not enough content to justify spending $10 on this game." Are you saying that it's not true? That this game has plenty of maps, weapons and cars?

Sevir044192d ago

i disagree with it. over here in cali and certain parts of Florida where i use to live people will pay 9-10 bucks for a 2 hour movie. in all honesty ur getting full features for voice chat, multiplayer, split screen and a small single player experience and 4 maps. thats a whole lot and the fact that this games replayablity especcially with multiplayer goes well beyond that of a 2 hour movie. and they are complaining about bout 4 maps boohoo. keep in mind this game at it's core is ment for multiplayer. it's not an adventure game. there for four maps is about the sweet spot. i think, this is truely a baised against sony. if you look at a game like counter strike all you have is about 4 maps. i could agree with them if David Jaffe was charging 20 bucks for this game but ten dollars is reasonable for a game that 2 other unbaised reviewer gave an 8 AND 8.5 respectively. if it captures the essense of fun. 10 bucks with features that quite a few full fleged disc retail games are lacking in now plus unlockable stuff, it more than justifies it's price. on that note i've leave it at that. gamespot really cant be taken seriously anymore with there reviews it's onesided and totally baised

dissectionalrr4192d ago

so what do you mean to imply is going on then? some massive anti-sony conspiracy in the videogame industry? if so, then that must mean that everyone in the videogame industry dislikes the ps3 enough to want to take part in a conspiracy against it. if everyone doesn't like you, that means you lose the "war". weird...

Cartesian3D4192d ago

Gamespot is clearly in MS side..

u can see GOW2 rating .. or Oblivion rating..

9.5 for Ps3 and 9.6 for 360 .. but Ps3 has more contetnt and much better graphic and lower load times..

WilliamRLBaker4192d ago

Firstly Ps3 doesn't have more content, PC and 360 have more, The ps3 doesn't get all the downloaded content that pc and 360 get, LOad times? load times are only better because oblivion MANDATORIALLY installs about 4 gigs of info on the ps3's hard drive.

And Better graphics? ill give you that, but after the update the graphical difference instead of being about 1 point went down to half a point....The only thing the ps3 version has is faster loading cause of an install and a micro amount of better graphics and thats it.

Face it Calling all cars sucked.

iceice1234192d ago

It's worth 10$ to me. Honestly, 10$ for such a simple game?

Cartesian3D4192d ago

2.1 so what?

(-0.1) for alittle better textures and alittle better load times.. !!!

why they didnt even put same rating on it!

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The story is too old to be commented.