Two Crackdown DLC packages...One Free, One Premium

According to Crackdown Staff member "Agent G", there will be 2 DLC packages: "Regarding the downloadable content that is coming "soon", there has been a lot of speculation as to whether or not it is going to be free or paid downloadable content. I just wanted to let you know that we are going to be providing two substantial buckets of content. One free and one premium. There are also some other good surprises in store when the content launches. It's all good and you'll have it "soon". And by the way, there will be NO charge for that extra 100 gamerscore we owe you. Cheers."

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zonetrooper54287d ago

Well thats good, i completed the game some time ago so this could make me come back to the game. I'll download the free one first and then see how much the premium package costs.

Systematrix4286d ago

Crackdown was a really fun game, not just a ticket to Halo 3 beta (which is the only reason I BOUGHT the game instead of rented it). It's dropped off the radar for a while but 2 packages will definitely bring it back on until the Halo 3 beta releases. I was fun enough to buy an add-on if they make it good (and hopefully cheap).

Xi4286d ago

jumping from planes to planes would be an awesome game.

God of Gaming4286d ago

Awesome.... love the game and can not wait to see what they have in store for DLC

Edge of Blade4286d ago

I don't know how anyone feels about sandbox games. Call them GTA clones sight-unseen if you want, but Crackdown was a block buster that never got the respect it deserved. Until people played it.

I have my own wishes for the content in these packs...but I'll be happy to revisit this game when the time comes. Hey, I might even play it while the Halo 3 beta is running.

power of Green 4286d ago

I agree man!; i thought it was cool at first so i bought it and said to myself this is pretty cool yet only played it a few times but after getting into it about a week ago after owning it for a few weeks i said to myself: God! Dam! this game is really stellar well thought out and advanced aswell as fun as hell and addicting.

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