UK to get 150K PS3s? Nope!

From CVG: Today some European and US websites thought they'd dug up a real exclusive from our colleagues over at Official PlayStation Magazine, claiming that in their latest issue OPM had said the UK would get 150,000 shiny new PS3s come launch time in November. A quick call quickly put us right, with OPM pointing out they'd, erm, actually said no such thing."

"Our best estimate for the UK allocation stands at around 250k, although that's strictly unofficial of course and Sony might even spare us a few more. "

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mikeeno76537d ago

More like 50,000 for the UK. Expect launch chaos.

Gamer136537d ago (Edited 6537d ago )

But 150k PS3 will be more than the 360 launch in the uk - so it will be a bit better are worse or even chaos, ill make a pre order as soon as my local game store start taking it.

FreeMonk6537d ago

Ha ha ha! 150k for the UK? Yeah right. I'll believe that when I see it.

UK always gets screwed over when it comes to launch days from Sony on both Consoles and Games.

The UK got screwed over on the X360 too.

The only people who supply enough consoles to the public is Nintendo!

Gamer136537d ago

By mid 2007 everyone who pre order a ps3 will get it.

If i don,t get my PS3 at launch ill be very happy always why becasuse ill be playing GOW Forza 2 and more great games on Xbox Live.

OutLaw6537d ago (Edited 6537d ago )

I would love to consider getting this system at launch . But Sony to me is still keeping us in the dark of what their $499 and $599 system could do and time is getting close to the release date.