Samsung: Sony set to slash prices on TVs & PlayStations

In a desperate move to shift stock Sony is set to slash the price of Sony Bravia TV's, Blu ray players and their Sony Playstation consoles according to a senior executive inside a major retail partner of Sony. The move could spark a retail war said one observer.

Known for price gouging, the move comes as Sony struggles up against a surging Samsung and tough competition from both LG and Panasonic, who in past months have started to take market share away from Sony in the digital camera and handycam market as well as the all important TV market.

The news that Sony is set to slash prices has already leaked out to their competitors, with Mark Leathan the marketing manager of Samsung's consumer electronics division confirming that they have also been told that Sony is set to make savage price cuts.

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DasBunker4502d ago

isnt that what MS said like months ago just so people wait and wouldnt buy a PS3? isnt samsung in direct competition with sony on the HDTV market (and others)? ill believe it when i see it... we all know its coming anyway

Trollimite4502d ago

ive been hearing about a price cut from every one!

an d we all know how bad the leaks are over at sony!

heroicjanitor4502d ago

Are you sure the price cuts aren't strategic? They are definitely desperate? Ok then.

The_Beast4502d ago

then guess whos getting a new bravia

Dread4502d ago

hey Dasbunker

do you have any proof that MS said that, or are u just defending Sony by giving the false impression that Sony is a victim. (a common tactic of the SDF)

Maddens Raiders4502d ago

lol - do you have any proof that they ((didn't))...?

Typical fan that can't admit failure in relation to the company it defends, failure to face reality in an age of Blu-ray and dirty tactics (a common fault of & aaron greenberg)

leila014502d ago

Why does every thread have to turn into a console war?

On topic:
This is VERY good for consumers: if Sony cuts prices, then Microsoft, Panasonic, Samsung... will follow as well! This is why competition is a good thing folks.

DasBunker4502d ago (Edited 4502d ago )

i have nothing to say... youve been owned already..

its a common tactic... spread the rumour the competition is having a price cut so you minimize potential purchases from customers who are craving for a cheaper item.. jeez some people just dont understand not everything is about the stupid console wars and the fanboys said that or did that thing.. this is a bussiness first for all!

evrfighter4502d ago

Samsung's in a position to say these things to make Sony look bad even if they are just talkin out the cheeks.

People see this, save some cash, Wait for a price cut if Sony doesn't cut prices guess what brand of TV people will most likely buy. If there is a price cut Samsung will most likely slash a little off the top also.

Samsungs been givin it to Sony without the K-Y when it comes to sellin TV's. Smart move.

Dread4502d ago (Edited 4502d ago )

@madden raiders

how do you prove a negative?


see my post 4.7


thx for the link to a playstation cite. and besides i meant if you have proof that MS did that as a tactic to affect Sony sales.


RememberThe3574502d ago

Of course they're going to cut prices, they need to increase sales. That is basic economics. The question that sill stands is about timing. and how it fits into their strategy.

JD_Shadow4502d ago (Edited 4502d ago )

Do you ever get the feeling that some people just stop TRYING?

Dread, you're statements hold no water. The "site" (not "cite") QUOTED MICROSOFT! You can't exactly go wrong with exact quotes.

Oh, and maybe it IS "that easy", since I can name a LOT of people that would buy a PS3 if it was cheaper.

The Wood4502d ago


i mean its ok for MS to be cheaper than the wii riiiight

kewlkat0074502d ago (Edited 4502d ago )

Well the first post started it, obviously.

Plus, SAMSUNG > Sony when it comes to LCDs and cheaper. Everyone is caught up to Sony.

Go over to the AV Forums and read up on the best Tvs. You need to get in touch with Audio/Video afficiatos so you can make the right purchase.

Anyhow, not only MS but everyone is been saying it, now SAMSUMG, the #1 LCD brand. It's just business, I see cut.

nycredude4502d ago

Since when do we start believing other companies when they talk about their direct competition? I would think that Sony would know what they are planning to do more than Samsung...

What's next Samsung to release Sony's 2009 2nd quarter results?

Samsung: Don't trust SOny's results cause word has reached us that these are the actual numbers. It looks like the Korean and the American companies got in bed together and devised a plan go up against the Japanese company.

N4g_null4501d ago

To every one that doesn't believe this. Look at this.

Sony has wrestled down build costs for the console by about 70 percent, Sony CFO Nobuyuki Oneda said in an earnings call this week.

"The cost reductions since we introduced the PS3 are very substantial, and on schedule," the exec said, as reported by consumer site GameSpot. "We don't disclose how much of the PS3 cost reduction was specifically achieved during the past two years. But that is on schedule."

He continued, saying "roughly speaking", Sony has reduced the cost to build the console by "about 70 percent."

Now if a PS3 cost 240 to make now and they still try to sell it at 400-500 then don't expect them to sell any more of them period LOL. One year of selling the console at that cost would give the a 70% increase in profits LOL. SONY would be fine but it's too late now the cat is out of the bag. Oh well? Hey but at least their will be more consoles yet now the problem is how well are these sucker built?

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nostalgic_noob4502d ago

The Obsolete 360 has started.

Shadow Man4502d ago (Edited 4502d ago )

Or maybe 2012 maybe...

A possible ps3 price drop won't kill the 360 kid.
Xbox360 would have to stop selling for the ps3 to beat 360 numbers, and that ain't gonna happen.

Admit defeat now, it would make things a lot easier.

The_Beast4502d ago

are you stupid, it can catch up b4 this gen is over unless if ms does this

"oh sht their catching up, lets announce this gen is over!! for xbox 360"

lloyd_wonder4502d ago

Lol. The 360 already doesn't sell in one of the biggest markets, Japan. Sony is going to rape Microsoft in Japan with a price cut.

presto7174502d ago (Edited 4502d ago )

Thats when M$ will rush to the market and release a new xobx early.

I really dont know what you 360 fanboys keep telling yourselves just so you keep living in denial.

Can you argue that 1 disk isnt better than having to swap 4?
Can you argue that the PS3's lineup for this year isnt better than the 360's?
Can you argue that the ps3's hardware isnt better than the 360's?
Do you still think the ps3 is more expensive in the long run?
Can you argue that MS wasnt wrong to rush to the market and release a console with such a high failure rate?
Can you argue that the 360 doesnt scratch disks?

I'm not saying that you should LOVE the ps3. No. That'll be too much to ask. But at least look at things objectively.

user39158004502d ago (Edited 4502d ago )

Fantards here is one hope for you, now-now get on your knees, now you see it? Stop it dont look there thats not what I meant for you to do, now concentrate, thats right its the flopstation looking for fantards like yourself except that most dummys already bought into it.

Loosers will always be the first to bite and you were one of them, so STFU and learn how bus its conducted like the most professional company in the world MS and there is none like it.

They are dropping the price because they are not making profits, not because they care for you fantards. What do you think its going to happened jack @ss, they will continue to bleed blu [email protected] blood from right up their plastic God.

Sony its the worst company in the market coming from Japan. Fantards I wish you luck and fake hope, for you need the PS3 pink dildo to give you a lift.

@ Tinted Eyes buy it for reliability, are you 12 or 13?
People will always said the dumbest thing, did you know that the 360 are in par with wii in reliability since SEPT. 08 as the most reliable console? No? Well then look it up @ consummers and surprise your ignorant mind, just like most of this fandroids.

The lowest IQ in the world comes from the PS3 community (Fact). Look out here comes another droid.

@ Jason 360 you really are an intelligent being unlike the manys below you, an individual with high IQ its one that its not only able to understand the task at hand, but its able to have the wisdom to make it better, thats were all of this fandroids fall short from grace, they dont have an opened mind and dont know how deep its sony giving it to them, but still wanted for they Praised their black plastic god.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4502d ago (Edited 4502d ago )

Droids are so desperate to get out of last place, even though they been there for nearly 3yrs. Time to go to the holy Sony wishing well and throw in some magic coins, pray to the fairy princess so she can come and sprinkle pixie dust on Sony.

blackbeld4502d ago

360 almost selling nothing........ even if they go sell it for $99,- they're user base will stick at 30 million sales world wide!!! It's impossible for Microsoft to sell over 30 million 360's....

On the other hand... PS3 will sell over 200 million unit's when the price dropped to $199,- Mark my words bots.... I repeat MARK MY WORDS BOTS!!!!

Sir Ken_Kutaragi4502d ago (Edited 4502d ago )

"Sony is set to make savage price cuts"??? Er???
"In a desperate move to shift stock"??? Erm???

Hmm...It looks like any D!CKHEAD can get a Job on these internet sites!!! ;-D
I think he has been reading and that Mart site to much!!! ;-D

+ I spend a few Pounds more on SONY stuff because i KNOW it's QUALITY stuff!!! I don't want them to be like Micro$oft selling Unreliable Cheap SH!T!!! ;-D

+ A PS3 Price cut will come, ChatBox 360 will SINK like the Titanic...

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Ninver4502d ago

Ps3 price cut = mass market console dominace.

Mark my words.

Shadow Man4502d ago

is to late! No way the ps3 can reach the 360 numbers it would have sale 7.5 million units more, and that not possible because the 360 will still be growing. The only way is to release the ps4 a year before xbox720.

presto7174502d ago

3 years in and you already think this gen is over?

Think again. Sony's just getting started.

The_Beast4502d ago

sorry bots. ps3 has a 10 year life cycle unlike the shtty xbx

rhood0224502d ago

I'm just waiting for the price cut so we can get articles like:

"Sony's Desperate Attempt to _____"

"Sony finally caving on overpriced PS3."

"How will this price cut affect Sony's future?"

and so on.

And the irony will be that those writing these articles will be the same ones pleading with Sony for a price cut.

Marceles4502d ago

Once I saw "in a desperate move" I thought the same thing lol...they'll come in full force too.

"Price cut by Sony too soon?"
"Sony admitting defeat?"

I hate the ones with good titles that nose bomb at the end too.

"Sony makes record sales with price cut, but does it matter?"

ultimolu4502d ago

As usual...

The over-exaggeration just cracks me up most of the time.

thereapersson4502d ago

Is that I can envision them ALL coming true at some point or another.


creeping judas4502d ago


I remember the articles from mid 2008 when MS announced their price reduction. And every article was all about how desperate MS was in having to reduce their price.

Oh good times.

cmrbe4502d ago (Edited 4502d ago )

We will also get

"Sony drop price but is it too late?" articles, always the question mark.

@creeping. That's because it was for MS. The x360 was already cheaper than the PS3 but it was getting outsold by the PS3 back then. Even now with that price cut it only managed to outsell the PS3 by just 100k units this 1/4. Its desperate because cutting your price again when your are already cheap to outsell the more expensive competitor is in fact desperate.

A_Little_Girl4502d ago

let the fanboys makes those redicoulus article, they are only advertising for sony for free. hah!

rhood0224502d ago (Edited 4502d ago )


The difference is that MS had three price cuts over the span of 14 months.

1. August 2007
2. July 2008
3. Sept 2008

The last two within 3 months of each other. And, up until the last one, the PS3 was outselling the 360 on a YTD basis.

lordgodalming4502d ago (Edited 4502d ago )

The first line isn't even the worst. How about saying that Sony is "Known for price gouging"? Here's another good one, "Consumers are aware that Sony products are expensive." And finally a quote from a Harvey Norman franchisee (Harvey Norman?): "Sony has a problem, but discounting isn't the answer."

So in short, this article tells us that Sony's products are so expensive that their prices could be considered price gouging, but lowering their prices is desperate AND it won't work. This makes me sick.

creeping judas4502d ago


Hold on guys, with your stats and sh*t!!!

I was only reminiscing about the olden days. No need to hit me up with stats, I don't care!!

But thanks for trying, it was still a good time back then. And I miss those times.

raztad4502d ago


I'm sure that will happen again. I mean, 300$ PS3 will outsell xbox360 EASILY, no doubts about it. I'm waiting for MS to cut xbox price again all across the board. A 99$ xbox360 is something hard to resist, I wont.

cmrbe4502d ago (Edited 4502d ago )

It took Sony 9 years to get the PS2 down to 99. Its hard to imagine MS cutting the x360 price down to 99 within 4 years on the market.

The problem with the PS3 is that it is priced outside of what mass consumers are willing to spend on what they see as just a gaming console. This is why a PS3 price cut would be more effective than a x360 price cut to $150 or $120. A cut from 199 to 159 is not that big of a deal imo as 199 is already affordable to many. However, cutting your price from 399 to 299 is big. This is why the industry is asking Sony and not MS to drop their price. They have been speculating and asking for it for 2 years now.

Currently the x360 is affordable and the PS3 is not. Once the PS3 is affordable any price cut the x360 makes won't matter much in terms of competition between the two. Also lets not forget that the PS3 is more feature packed.

raztad4502d ago


I tried to be brief, but I guess I wasnt clear enough with my previous comment. I know it's really steep for MS to cut down the price of x360 to 99$, that would put xbox business again in RED. However those guys at MS dont work according to plan, they just follow suit, so if Ps3 outsells xbox360 again a desperate act probably will follow.

IdleLeeSiuLung4502d ago

Actually, I remember MS mention the price point for mass adoption is $150, not $200.

The $100 price cut on a PS3 will stimulate some sales, but if history has a say until you hit the $200 mark it doesn't seem like the cut has a long tail. For even MS, I don't think their sales will take off until their PRO sku (most sold of all three models) hit sub $200.

Casual gamers are buying the Wii! Hardcore gamers buy the 360 Pro and the PS3. That is why MS and Sony seems to always be neck in neck in sales.

cmrbe4502d ago

has always been $199. Both the PS1 and PS2 sales only started to sell really well when they hit that price. That was the price point when both consoles sold the most units.

This gen i don't think it will go down to 150 if anything it should go up if we factor in inflation. The x360 is at 199. This is what mass consumers see. Its cheaper than the wii. Mass consumers generally don't care about extra features the other SKU's have, most only care about price point and weather its affordable to them. $199 is that number. This is why no one is asking from a x360 price drop.

We shall see what happens. In any case. Even if MS drops the price of the x360 in response to a PS3 price cut it will still not matter much as the price gap will still close up between the two. As i said before, once the PS3 is affordable to mass consumers it will not matter much if MS drop their price.

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ThatCanadianGuy4502d ago

It's ok 360 kids.We all know you want to play PS3's true Next-gen, cinema quality games.At least your parents can afford one for you soon.

coolirisGB4502d ago

Losing your mind cahill? calm down LLoyd it's not good for your health Greywulf.