Braid confirmed for PSN

GZ: Braid has been confirmed for the PlayStation 3 via the German Ratings Board.

Yes Braid is coming to the PlayStation Network. That's according to a rating by the German Ratings Board USK.

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Ninji5058d ago

Looks like the 360 lost another exclusive. Wow, that's 2 of the biggest games that XBLA had (Braid & Castle Crashers).

Fishy Fingers5058d ago

Not really, the dev always stated his intent to release the game on the PSN but was swayed into a timed exclusive.

presto7175058d ago (Edited 5058d ago )

So it seems beta testing is over.

Well in that case, welcome on board Braid. Now join the list of your once exclusive brothers that have jumped off Microsoft's speedboat and onto Sony's cruiser.

Mo0eY5058d ago (Edited 5058d ago )

Summer of Arcade, huh? LOL, what a joke.

-MD-5058d ago

Everyone who wanted it bought it on 360 or Steam. I expect 30 sales day 1.

Mo0eY5058d ago

Murderdolls, your ignorance is quite pathetic.

OmarJA5058d ago

Again nothing stay exclusive on that garbage...

Thank you bots again for testing the beta for us as always i really appreciate it, NOT HAHAHAHAHA!

-MD-5058d ago

Lol you guys took me seriously. This site might be too easy for me.

GiantEnemyCrab5058d ago (Edited 5058d ago )

"DAMN!! Another exclusive bites the dust."

You sound like the retards posting on IGN. It came out on PC first so it was never an exclusive.

Shucks, you almost had a win!

Ah nice, so now PC and 360 games are 360 exclusives. Cool, glad we cleared that up. Either that or you cant fvckin read.

presto7175058d ago (Edited 5058d ago )

You p1ssed y'all lost another one?


And about that IGN post, I saw that right now. I thought the guy was quoting me. I was like WTF!! Then I realised it wasnt a quote; just a universal truth. Another 360 exclusive just crossed over.


Marquis_de_Sade5057d ago (Edited 5057d ago )

Presto, I think you're the one that fails hard, you have missed GiantEnemyCrabs point. Normally when a game is set for 360/PC release, the PS3 lot will exclaim that it's not exclusive and will talk of playing the best version of "X" game on their super computers with linux installed, but when one of these PC/360 games comes to PS3, it's now just a 360 exclusive? I don't get it.

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Natsu X FairyTail5058d ago

dint they already said it was coming to PS3 and PC like WAYYYY BACKKKK?

Fishy Fingers5058d ago (Edited 5058d ago )

Well thats what I thought but looking back, its was, then wasnt, then was etc etc. Generally when thats the case it ends up happening. Good game, if it happens people on the PSN should pick it up, I had it at launch.

techie5058d ago

They said it was possible, but depended on Sony interest.

DasBunker5058d ago

lol the title says "confirmed" and the "article" is posted as a "rumour"..

arent braid and CC the best XBLA games? well if this is true i guess theyre part of the "only on xbox... for a while" program, like most 360 games

fishd5058d ago

Braid is awesome.Best 360 game as far as I am concerned.Mass Effect is the second one!

Hideous Kojima5058d ago

What's the mentality of developers when they port an almost one year old game that sold extremely well on 360 to PS3, where is going to absolutely bomb as most of the games in the console. It doesn't compute!

gaffyh5058d ago

No it wasn't, he basically said it could happen if Sony wants it.

iHEARTboobs5058d ago (Edited 5058d ago )

It's not the end of the world.

Played the demo on live but never picked it up. MIght just do that this time around. Just picked up Fat Princess. Glad it's finally out!

5058d ago
OnlyOnN4G5058d ago (Edited 5058d ago )

I wonder if it'll include any extra content to entice multi console owners who already bought it for the 360 for a second purchase

Syronicus5058d ago

Agreed. There is always some silly fanboy that needs to be the quick one to the threads to make their stupid comments. It's sad really, that folks like him actually post in the gamer zone. It would be nice if people like that with plant size IQ's would be stricken tot he open zone so we gamers could live without having to hear such silly dribble.

As for Braid, it is a great game and should be played by all. This way, those who do not own a 360 will get the chance to play it. It is a true gem for our generation.

Veneno5058d ago

The music and story are beautiful. I didn't get the game, and thank god! Because my 360 RROD'd yesterday. I might get it for my PS3 if the price drops to $10 or less.

gaffyh5058d ago

@1.9 - Well yeah school is out for summer, so you know he's got extra time on his hands.

SaberEdge5058d ago

I'm really happy that PS3-only owners will get to play this gem now. It is a brilliant game that will now get to be enjoyed by everyone with a 360, PC or PS3.

Immortal Kaim5058d ago

I'm urging everyone to buy Braid when it comes to the PSN, the game is beautiful and thought provoking. One of the favourite games of all time.

vhero5057d ago

The best XBL Arcade game according to many coming to PSN now and PSN still have their no.1 title exclusive. Only game I prefer XBL for now is worms Armageddon and I got that on my 360. The rest PSN either has or is getting or is not worthwhile.

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Stryfeno25058d ago (Edited 5058d ago )

While Droids waiting for this...I'm playing Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 and next week TMNT: Turtles in Time HD.

Then on to Trails HD and Shadow Complex...Soooo many games within a month.

On PSN, this is what its like..

PirateThom5058d ago (Edited 5058d ago )

Meanwhile, "droids" are playing hit, new games like Fat Princess and Shatter.

Chubear5058d ago (Edited 5058d ago )

there we go, 360 fans taking mulitplat titles as exclusives all the time. You do know Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 and TMNT: Turtles in Time HD are PSN titles too right?

xztence5058d ago

dont forget Trine which we'll be playing soon.

zok3105058d ago (Edited 5058d ago )

Shall i refresh your memory.....?

Chubear5058d ago

You all just keep laughing about how you now get to also play last gen PS2 exclusives this gen on your 360 while the PS3 fanbase just keep taking your high end CURRENT gen exclusives.

Keep laughing 360 fanbase, keep on laughing.

So what other mediocre DLable game will you guys tout now? Let me guess, you'll throw out of average DLable game and beat your chests about how uber it is right? Next year is going to really burn your butts when you see even more current gen full disc games going multiplat like Splinter Cell Conviction and Mass Effect.

Keep on laughing 360 fans.

DonCorneo5058d ago

I already played MvC2 on my dreamcast about a decade ago.. LOL.. i don't think playing that game now is something to brag about

and nija turtles? how old are you? 5?

lloyd_wonder5058d ago

Lol. Bragging about playing MVC2 with the 360's shtty controller? Something ain't right.

OmarJA5058d ago

Shows you how retard a bot really is...

Poor Patchy Boy.

GiantEnemyCrab5058d ago (Edited 5058d ago )

Patch.. It's about Splosion Man right now! Try it, if you haven't it's an excellent game and the best XBL/PSN title this year... Braid is old news now. Yes, also looking forward to Trials HD, the review I saw the other day gave it a perfect score. Shadow Complex looks like it's in a whole nuther league for Arcade titles.

As a dual console owner these just mean more lame updates to PSN because I've played these games years ago on 360. Castle Crashers like 2 years ago and Braid was like last year.

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TheColbertinator5058d ago

Hopefully its not overpriced like it was on Xbla.Even then I still won't buy it since it was overrated

Godmars2905058d ago

No one's paying $15 for it.

TheCagyDies5058d ago

I got the game on sale for 800 points. I'm glad too, the game was really short but fun and challenging...

prabx5058d ago

Wasnt this reviewd and recieved 93 overall on metacritic? Just wondering 'cuz I hardly see any PSN games getting reviewd...

Johnny Rotten5058d ago

I played the demo when it first came out and didn't like it, then a couple weeks ago my buddy threw it on and I thought it was pretty unique. Not worth $15 though.

Cenobia5058d ago

When you do a google search you need to spell it "review"...

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