Call of Duty 4 Screensgrabs Galore

Call of Duty 4 Screensgrabs Galore

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gta_cb4244d ago

i am going to be downloading the demo for this on LIVE when it comes out :P

gnothe14244d ago

all I can say is I hope its better the COD3, I still play COD2 because I didnt like 3.

God of Gaming4244d ago

Well you should be happy Infinity War did not do COD3 they did COD2. Although I enjoyed COD3's online portion the single player was far behind COD2.

Point of this.. you should have no worries about COD4 based on who is developing it.

Close_Second4244d ago

...we see some in-game footage. No doubt the in-game engine was used to render the video but we all know that results in a better than in-game display.

I hope its not the last time Infinity sets its game during WWII...I will miss taking on the Nazis!!!

For the record, I prefer COD2 single and multi-player over COD3. Although COD2 had inferior graphics the gameplay in both modes is superior that that in COD3.

THAMMER14244d ago

COD3 looked about 10% better but the game play was slippery. COD2 is still the better choice mulit and single. Infinity ward will push COD4 the same way I just hope the story is authentic just like the others. I still play all the time.

Ask genothe1 about that pistol. LOL

ITR4244d ago

With these shots alone it looks like a Delta Force game..probably with Army Ranger support.
I feel a TC game coming on.

hamburgerhill4244d ago

Well they said they were going to focus on console 1st this time which is good to hear! The trailer looks good as do the pics!

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The story is too old to be commented.