PS3 Sales To Overtake Xbox 360 In 2011?

TVG research has shown that at each console's current rate of growth, sales of PlayStation 3 units will overtake those of the Xbox 360.

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Marie4986d ago

Haha who is TVG. Heard this one before.

mint royale4986d ago

I know. Ive heard millions of predictions before and this one is just as useless becuase nobody knows what will happen! Ask someone if back in 2005 what would happen and they would have replaced the ps3 for the wii.

shocky164986d ago

They say PS3 has sold - 24.6 million

While they say the 360 has sold - 30.2 million

Now looking at this N4G article -

These are the true LTD sales for each console

# Nintendo Wii - 52.6 million
# Xbox 360 - 31.4 million
# PlayStation 3 - 23.8 million

Which means the gap is at 7.5 million between the two.

mint royale4986d ago

Yep the data is wrong, so called analysists who cannot even present correct data to represent their 'arguments.'

Gamertags4986d ago

You will see that this is highly unlikely. I wish the best to Sony though.

joydestroy4986d ago

lol @ this article.

how many times have we all seen "PS3 to overtake 360 in [insert year here]"???

don't get me wrong, i love my PS3 more than my 360, but i just don't see it happening. and if it did, by the time it did, it wouldn't even matter because this gen would be basically over with.

honestly, i see the gap between them closing, but neither is going to be significantly on top.

OmarJA4986d ago

Not sure about sales but the PS3 has already overtaken the 360 in terms of games & quality.

StanLatMarveldotCom4986d ago

Yeah, I can see the PS3 outselling the XBox 360 by 300K every month for the next 30 months, straight. SMH!


Natsu X FairyTail4986d ago

Bad numbers already shows the article is a Failure.


gaffyh4986d ago (Edited 4986d ago )

I know it's probably not possible, but what are you guys gonna say if it actually happens?

We don't know what kind of effect a PS3 price cut + Slim announcement will have, which means anythings possible. Also MS cut the price in August last year, they managed to win the year overall, Sony could EASILY do the same, they already are tracking pretty much on par with the 360, at DOUBLE the price point.

A year head start for 6 million units...

kewlkat0074986d ago

but knowing the past Sony fanbase, it's quite possible..

Everyone keeps saying it's the price, well who knows, we will see. I would hope sales get better with a cut.

Sony's biggest blockbuster games will have already been out.(1st-party/3rd-party).

Should be interesting.

RealityCheck4986d ago (Edited 4986d ago )

Not that console sales matter to real gamers but I don't see it happening. The truth is that the 360 will be relaunching itself with Natal and aiming at the huge casual market that made the Wii number 1 in sales. The market size aimed for combined with Microsoft's advertising power, is sure to give them a boost next year so that even if the PS3 were to have a price cut there is no way they could close the one year headstart. Without Natal it would have a been a slim possibility, with Natal in play, no chance.

eagle214986d ago

We know multiple consoles is the reason for the "7 million lead" (and 1 year headstart). When even 20% of PS3 owners buy a slim (paired with demand for a $299 PS3), 360 is THIRD!

I'll help! :)

Thugbot1874985d ago

Really not sure how people get to post crap here. There is no basis for this analysis.
PS3 will not get a price drop this holiday season.
1. Execs stated it.
2. Current losses in company will not permit them to do so. They need to show a profit and with current economic situations it would be risky to take a loss when numbers aren’t too far away from competition.
So expect sales to stay sales in contrast to the two consoles to stay about the same with 360 taking a slight edge of the PS3 this holiday season.
That brings us to 2010 in which Sony will have to sale 6 million consoles above whatever the 360 sales, to overtake the 360. PS3 will have to get the sales numbers of the Wii and we know both consoles have not been able to do that this generation. Microsoft would have a good chance with the way they are marketing Project Natal. However all that can change if it comes out and is a flap. There really just is no basis for what the loons are predicting.

killersmoke4985d ago

your article fails, your data is way off. you fail, get a real job and stop using flame bait.

Dandiego4985d ago

Next article in 6 months will push it back to 2012... who cares. Every multiplatform game is better on 360 that I DO care. Ghostbusters was the latest and I know alot of people developing games and all these articles about ps3 is equal is politics. if you ask a developer he will tell you xbox 360 does better results and ps3 CAN be equal but require A LOT of work. This is from guys at every major studio. My sister is Ubi, friend is activision (senior programmer) and another EA (senior programmer as well).

Morgue4985d ago

Its the QVC of video games.

Poopface the 2nd4985d ago

but this time they skipped 2010. That will be the 6th year of this gen. and to late.

Tsar4ever014985d ago

Will somebody please STOP all these FLAME BAITING articles? Cuz that all these articles do. Get fanboys riled up!! and start arguing about this a that!!!

ENOUGH of this already!!!

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ASSASSYN 36o4986d ago

07-08-09-10-11? See a pattern here.

joydestroy4986d ago

yup, my point exactly haha

Dread4986d ago (Edited 4986d ago )


the same old carrot trick.

at least this time the SDF nuts skipped a year.

sunil4985d ago

look at this graph... and compare the when the 360 hit the 23 mil mark to the PS3...

lh_swe4985d ago (Edited 4985d ago )

At first the attach rate was stronger for the PS3, showing stronger sales worldwide, not america and with time the sales have gone down because mostly people are awaiting a price cut and or games like God of War III to hit the market.
So if the PS3's price is eventually dropped we'll see stronger sales.

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Natsu X FairyTail4986d ago

maybe. maybe not.

only the future shall tell.

we fight about the past all the time .

I dont think we're willing to fight over things that will occur 2years from now.


Fishy Fingers4986d ago

Armchair analysts [think they] know whats doing to happen well before its actually happened.

Mr_Bun4986d ago

You had it right before you edited "Armchair"

shocky164986d ago

Maybe in 2012? oh wait! D:

Natsu X FairyTail4986d ago

end of the world in 2012

this mean no PS4 no X720


Tomonobu Itagaki4986d ago

That's probably what Mayans were talking about. When PS3 will overtake 360, it will be the end of the world.

ASSASSYN 36o4985d ago

I find it funny so many people care what the myans thought. I don't!

Omega44986d ago

"the PS3 has tallied 24.6 million units
Microsoft has sold 30.2 million"

What an epic fail even before they get to their predictions

mrv3214986d ago

I believe this is the full quote

'Since being launched in November 2006 (March 2007 in Europe), the PS3 has tallied 24.6 million units according to Sony's latest fiscal report, whereas Microsoft has sold 30.2 million Xbox 360s since its launch in November 2005.'

One console realeased first.

Oh and btw

'Sony has been selling PS3s at a faster rate than Microsoft has Xbox 360s.'

The data seems very good, not great but it does seem logical... but I am going to say this now.

I couldn't care less, I my PS3 will not become more fun if it outsells the 360 and nor will my 360 become less fun if it happens. I enjoy my 360, off to play live on the free weekend.

sunil4985d ago

obviously mrv is wrong since hes speaking the truth.
Evidence for his claim (its a graph of sales)

lh_swe4985d ago

The 360 has been out for a year more than the PS3 so divide 24 mill by 2.5 and 30 mill by 3.5 and there you go.
But these figures shouldn't matter, you shouldn't base your prejudice upon how well a product does in the market if anything it should be directed towards poor hardware or a poor software selection i.e games or apps, but since both consoles have good hardware (360's RROD's have mostly been ironed out, but technically speaking its not far off the PS3), and both consoles have good games and apps (PS3 has caught up significantly in the games and apps department). But the main issue comes down to money and value for your dollar and since both consoles offer a good bang for your buck. Base your decision on what games appeal to you and what your friends own (and if your up for paying a monthly fee), but if you have the money BUY BOTH!!!