MAG rumor leaks info on the future of MAG after MAG.

Even though the highly anticipated sony exclsive title MAG isn't released, it doesn't even have a release date, but info has came out of what was said to be the development team theirself of what they plan on doing after MAG.

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Ninjamonkey4377d ago


I wont join the raven tem then, being the underdog is always more fun =P

jessehaysfl4377d ago

Sounds like bs to me, however I could be wrong it could be 100% true.

Chubear4377d ago

I didn't understand what the hell the blog was talking about. Can anyone break it down for me?

Microsoft_Spokesman4377d ago

The author is saying that through videos he has saw he noticed the developers mention that they want to build upon the games of MAG. And his theory is that the top faction in the world of MAG will be the enemy you have to take down in the future games. Well that's what I think he said anyway.

Marcelles254377d ago (Edited 4377d ago )

yes if you guys look at one of dev diary can cleary hear that he says that


Jhun4376d ago

Poorly supported, poorly written article IMO.

JL4376d ago

^No kidding. How does something like this get approved? That is some very VERY poorly written work there. I'm not going to argue the speculation (which is what it is, no real support to his claims), I could see Zipper extending the MAG world though, but this is so poorly written I could barely read it at times and would have to re-read a sentence a few times before understanding. And the author expects me to take his word on this when "sources remain undisclosed" when he couldn't write to save his life?

That being said, I'd figure Zipper would go on to support this franchise. But I don't think that will be for some time now. They probably don't have any concrete ideas of what they'll do after this game. I expect them to give MAG alot of attention and care, 'cuz in order to really make it MAG is going to really need some taken care of and tending to. Especially if it's to revolutionize like it could. They need to really do some marketing though to bring over the SOCOM fans for that dedication factor.

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stevoman754377d ago

I'm going for SVER too. I'll see you on the battlefield.

ThatCanadianGuy4377d ago

Same here.

Were going to dominate for sure >:)

raztad4377d ago (Edited 4377d ago )

I'm getting really excited about the HUGE war in MAG. SVER here all the way
Lets form a platoon :D

BTW, is MAG war/world persistent? the results of today skirmish will have impact tomorrow?

ThatCanadianGuy4377d ago

From what i gather, yeah !

For example..If we as SVER Fought Raven on one of their military depots or supply bases or whatever.If we won, it would now belong to our faction.

It isn't just TDM.It's like a giant game of Risk! Can't freakin wait !

mastiffchild4377d ago

SVER here as well! Valor looks too dull and normal while Raven almost feels like you'd be cheating! So I guess we're all going for the no uniform, no money militia look this November(hopefully).

In fact practically everyone I know is going for SVER.

Nikuma4377d ago

Going SVER here too. Something about the gritty guerrilla warfare guys seems really cool, and they seem like they'd be the underdogs and I usually go for the underdogs. :)

ShadowRyuX4376d ago

Like I saw Valor w/ an "M4/M16" and I LOVE that gun, I also saw a "P90" which is another one of my favorites (Of course MP5N>All)

I really like all the factions look, but I do prefer the Spec/Black Ops look of Raven and "Badass" look of SVER to Valor. Still AKs aren't my thing and that seems to be SVER's thing. I guess I'll just have to wait and see. Anyone else in the same or similar boat?

Marcelles254376d ago


Pm Me your guy's PSN ID's

And i will kick your A$$'s with superior Western Military Technique

Trollimite4376d ago (Edited 4376d ago )

we're gonna rule you all!

this is gonna be one hell of a war!

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erathaol4377d ago

That sounds really neat and interesting.

hakis864377d ago

nice info, but: change the FONT to something else than Times New Roman, use capital i's (I) when you mention yourself, and remember capital letters after dot (.).
Just thought that would make your site seem better next time =)

RememberThe3574377d ago

Sentence structure is a little off, as well. Gotta thank him for passing along the info though.

clixx334376d ago

The biggest grammar issue is that you wrote "grammer" instead of grammar. :P Just thought I'd point that out. xD

RememberThe3574376d ago

But I'm dyslexic, so I have an excuse. :)

stevoman754377d ago

BTW, here is the link to the dev. diary in case anyone wants to hear for themselves.

and he says it at about 3:00 into the video.

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