Call of Duty 4 HD Trailer

Infinity Ward has just released the trailer for its upcoming shooter, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

The high definition trailer can be found here

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original seed4283d ago

if it turns out anything like this i will be getting this day one. COD2 was great. I cant wait fir this one. BFMC better watch out.

sak5004283d ago

I hope they make it on the pc as well and come up with a solid multiplayer element for it as well. I love the battlefield seriesa and this looks like it can give them run for their money. But lest we forget Bad company is also coming on consoles so this better be damn good.

Drew4283d ago

Only announced for '360/PS3 right now.

gta_cb4283d ago

i would like to watch it but it says

"Too many users - hit reload."

lol ohwell better keee...p trying :D oh and i loved COD2, havnt actually played COD3 :(

gta_cb4283d ago

just watched it, looks very good, im glad its going away from WWII :D

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The story is too old to be commented.