TGR: Tales of Monkey Island: Launch of the Screaming Narwhal Video Game Review

With a host of clever in-jokes to previous Monkey Island games, enough puzzles to challenge all but the most skilled adventurer, and even a treasure hunt, Launch of the Screaming Narwhal is a fantastic start to the Tales of Monkey Island pentology. It doesn't surpass the original Monkey Island titles, but it's worthy of the Monkey Island namesake.

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mr durand pierre5443d ago

I want to play this, but my comp can't handle it and I hear the Wii port is a bit shoddy and more expensive. Might buy it anyway though.

NexGen5443d ago

I just finished the first episode on my Wii, and all in all, it's worth getting. If you're a Monkey Island fan, I suggest it. I guarantee the PC version sounds better, and probably looks better too. The music and voices on the Wii version sound as if they're sampled at a lower bitrate, but not horridly so that it is annoying. It is just noticeably lower quality than xbox 360/pc/ps3 voice quality.

The graphics are fine, and the same as the PC, just at a lower resolution and a bit of blur. In contrast to Monkey Island 4 on the ps2...it's the same quality. Considering your pc can't handle it, I don't think you'd be disappointed in the Wii release.

As for price, the first episode is 1000 Wii points and takes up a ton of system memory, so be sure you have a memory card if you have some downloads already.

Overall, I read (on wikipedia, I believe) that the 5 episodes will cost $35.00 on both the Wii and PC. If all episodes are 1000 points on the Wii though, that looks like $50 to me....and I believe that's worth it.

I really enjoyed the game and wish I didn't have to wait for the next episode. No matter what quality this release is, the graphics and sound are far superior to the first Monkey Island I ever played, which had a glorious spectrum of 16 colors and midi sound! (I ended up buying the 256 color VGA version later, once my 386 (16MHz and 2 MB of ram) could handle it. This looks and sounds better than that, but both are equally fun.

reddevilyi5442d ago

I've never been a big fan of the point-and-click adventure games.

dragunrising5442d ago

Why would they release this game only on the Wii and PC? I purchased the XBLA 2D remake and want some more...


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