CoD: World at War- Map Pack 3 Release Date

You heard right – Map Pack 3 will be available via Xbox LIVE Marketplace and Playstation Store August 6th, 2009 – that's next Thursday! It will cost 800 Microsoft Points, or $9.99 on the PlaystationStore; be sure to get your Microsoft points early as it should be a hot-ticket item come Thursday.

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danofpaco4438d ago


Pretty much just for the new Zombie level.

agentace4438d ago

I wish they would sell the Zombie maps separately because its a rip off seeing as i only got the game for co-op and i don't use the MP maps, but atleast i can share them with friends on the PS3 so only 1 of us has to buy them each time but still they should sell them separately for like £2-3

NaiNaiNai4438d ago

Wow you are such a cheaper person, and you call yourself a gamer.

no_more_trolling4438d ago

being a gamer doesnt mean u have to be a snob


yesah4438d ago

no, but it does mean u support developers

dragunrising4437d ago

Support the developers? Just like PC gamers getting the game for do they support anything if they get all the map packs free? The map packs are horribly overpriced on account console owners are paying the development costs for the PC version. Selling the maps separately wouldn't be a disservice to the consumer either. I only want the zombie map also.

I hope developers start charging PC gamers for the same stuff console owners pay for, if only because its fair.

agentace4437d ago

how can you call me a cheap skate when i brought the game day 1 for full price and brought all the map packs when all i want is the zombie stuff but i still payed for all the other crap, i brought Uncharted twice because it was only £20 and i felt ND should be geting more than that

They should charge for the PC but they cant because of all the user made maps, no one would buy the map packs when they could get 100s of free ones

micdoodle84432d ago

How do you share itith ur friends??

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4pocalyps34438d ago

just getting the map packs for the zombie levels. just bought map pack 2 yesterday and going to buy this as soon as it comes out xD

pianplay4438d ago (Edited 4438d ago )

Nvm. Wrong post.

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