Nintendo Would Love To Add Kutaragi To Their Team

A press conference held this morning by Nintendo, revealed a lot more than financial gains, new games in the works, and overall plans. In a shocking move, Nintendo's Company President, Mr. Iwata stated that he would like to see Ken Kutaragi join up with Nintendo. Even though Ken is retiring, he will still hold an honorary position at Sony. Mr. Iwata then stated that honorary position may make it a little tough to work with him.

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kingofps34191d ago

Come on this is not ever going to happen. Ken made the PlayStation to destroy Nintendo (and for revenge), and now why could he possibly wanna join them?

HuntingYou4191d ago

crazy ken+ carzy iwata=all sorts of crazy.

i don't thing it would ever happen, but i would love to see it, so i hope it does happen.

its time to bury the hatchet,ken

HuntingYou4191d ago

maybee nintedo will have the real ps4...HA! HA1 HA!

FeralPhoenix4191d ago

Now he will give away all the top secret super duper PS secrets... -lol, just kiddin'.

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The story is too old to be commented.