Nintendo's President Talks Sales, Hardware and Metroid

Satoru Iwata revealed Nintendo's future plans for Wii and DS production and gives out a few hints as well.

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ITR4244d ago

Sounds like new Wii in the works or another DS Lite.

ChickeyCantor4244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

no i doubt that, it was said nintendo is going to make allot of games remember.. he was talking more about software then hardware.

i dont think nintendo will bring a new wii ( like sony did with the slimline) it might confuse people who arnt that known to [conmsole]videogaming although i dont think it can go any smaller then the DS lite

ITR4244d ago

Well a Wii HD has to come sooner or later.

Feb 09' is when everything goes HD.
So they need one by 2008 X'mas
Either that or we get a firmware update for 720p.

ChickeyCantor4244d ago

yess but everyone said the HD era is now......but nintendo didnt care......i dont think they will change their mind about it anyway.

720P is just a resolution, its still for the devs to put something pretty on screen.
720 doesnt make the game pretty looking, the devs are responsible for that.
you also need 720P CONTENT without it the game can look ugly, textures can look really ugly. the Wii only has 64MB for holding data.[RAM] im not sure if the wii can hold so much data for 720P content....
so keeping it on 480P would do fine.
even 480P games can look good, look @ mario: galaxy...and it doesnt need 720P. i bet that even in 2009 Tv's will support 480P so all you need is a comp.cable.

nintendo was talking about software...