CVG: Preview Manhunt 2

CVG: After seeing Rockstar's sequel to one of the most controversial games of all time, we can honestly say it's even nastier, more poo-ridden and all-round mental than the original.

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Robotz Rule4194d ago

Manhunt 2 is going to be sweet!,I enjoyed the original on the PS2.

Bathyj4193d ago

This game looks so sweet. I'm a big fan of the original. Tenchu-like stealth kills. A cover system for fire arms which still hadn't been done much at the time. Who knows, maybe GeoW borrowed a little inspiration from this game. All the different weapons and different kills for each one added alot of variety.

In Australia this game was released and then latter banned, as they often do here because our ratings board, the OFLC are incompetent morons, so hopefully this will see the light of day here. Because of the potential of getting banned here I'm even thinking of getting it on PS2 AND Wii. After all, if I dont snap them up right away on day one I might not ever get another chance to get them.

Favourite moment from part one. Jumping from cover around a corner with shotty, headshot, brains paint the wall and stick in big hamburger patty sized chunks. They stay for about 3 seconds and then individually fall or slide down the wall. Nice.

Hmmm, maybe they were right to ban it.

NAH !!!!

MK_Red4193d ago

The better make it as dark and bloody as the first one. Still, I would miss the old snuff film theme...

makingdamage4193d ago

I enjoyed the first one so I´ll get this one too. It´s great to see that there is still a lot of fun to be had with my good old ps2. I might even get by this summer without an ps3. But this autumn I really going to need a ps3 for all the good stuff that´s lined up.