Gears of War movie Script

This is not a script review folks! Spoilers ahead.

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ITR4190d ago

Uwe Boll...will try to get this

cdawson4190d ago

Boll won't get anywhere near that movie.

grifter0244190d ago

They shouldnt make this movie. It is a good game but game to movie adaptations always suck.. No matter what.. They just take away from the story in the game.. Resident Evil comes to mind.. Milla as the main character! Ya thats movie adaptations for you.. But what can you do?

Droidbro4190d ago

i dont see this movie as being good. its too early. theyre just trying to capitalize on the gears brand while its hot. whereas the halo movie is actually being planned out over a long period of time and is pursuing a huge budget. that and while fun as a game, the storyline wouldn't make a good transition to film.

NewfZ4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

Actually, the Halo movie was canceled due to high costs and low confidence in the director from Fox and Universal. Microsoft still wants to see it done though.

grifter0244189d ago

I totally agree...Most game to movie adaptations always lose something in translation.. Like you said most movies try to take advantage of the publicity the game has received and dont really care for the story ... Like I said RE comes to mind the resident evil story line is very very good.. So many twists and turns it makes for good gameplay ..The movie takes away a lot and I mean alot of the atmosphere from the game... Plus putting a new character that isnt even in the dang game .. Silent hill was really the only movie that was at least decent IMO... The producers of the movies say .. Most people dont want to see a replica of the game.. Well I tend to disagree.. I would much rather see the actual game in action.. then some other trash they come up with.. Plus it might shed a little better light on the mass media that not all games are just death death death!. They might see that most games have some very complex and interesting story lines.. But again thats my Opinion..

NewfZ4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

I could be wrong, but Cliffy B is supervising the entire movie production and script to make sure it stays accurate. This movie being a prequel only proves hes going to make sure it's accurate to the story without a doubt. I'm sure everyones aware that if you're a huge fan of the game and it has a movie adaptation, chances are you'll hate the adaptation. Thats usually because some half-assed writer plays the game, and decides to make his own touch on it which completely ruins it for the gamer.

I read the script and I saw nothing that could mess up the accuracy of the story, infact the ONLY thing I saw that seemed off was the fact that in the game they seemed surprised and unaware that the Kryll existed until their first appearance in Act 2. Yet they obviously had a close call, a close 10 hour call with the Kryll in this script. Either way, I personally think this movies going to kick major ass and thats my opinion.

IrishAssa4189d ago

Actually Marcus is the only one that seemed unawere of the Kryll in the game Dom , Baird and Cole seemed to want to not move at night because as Baird ses 'we have to hurry it'll be dark soon' Marcus ses so,well theres the facts so the movie might not be wrong...

ericbs4189d ago

Thats because he was in jail for all those years so he didn't know about the kryll. Correct me if i'm wrong though.

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