Risen: System requirements officially revealed

Official System Requirements of Risen have been revealed. Apparently a 2.0 GHz CPU and a Shader Model 3.0 GPU are required. 3.0 GHz Dual Core and GeForce 8800 - ATI Radeon HD 2900 are recommended.

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gambare3760d ago

for medium setting performance its pretty accessible, almost any new PC can handle that.

adsaidler3760d ago

never heard of this game

Tony P3760d ago

It's by the team that created Gothic (PC) and it's being developed for 360 and PC (in that order of importance).

It's a medieval fantasy action-RPG set on some mysterious tropical island.

There's a site for it, kind of like a demo: http://www.risen.deepsilver...

Here's a site with lots of screens:

adsaidler3759d ago

oh, thanks tony, i'll check them out ;)

user39158003759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

Too bad that the PS3 only have 1 crapy core with 4 gayspe's for developers, while 360 have 3 cores and if The PS3 wants to, they can rent 1 core from the 360.

360 runs at 3.2 and 3 cores and has the graphics to handle it at 512 mb.

On the other hand the PS3 has 1 core with 256 mb graphics split, oh the irony off owning crap its just too great.

Available for system and consoles that can handle the engine, 360 and PC's.

What you didnt like what I have to said? So, what bite my little leg.

PS3 Fantards call sony hotline and tell them that they need to build 2 more cores to their black garbage truck.

ironcreed3759d ago

Not much info about this one out there, but it is actually quite a good looking game. You can see Gothic in it of course, but it is really very Fable like in it's look. Without the prissy vibe that Fable 2 had, though....thankfully, lol. Not to mention the gameplay features are not as watered down. Very pretty game as well.