360 Elite: The differences, the HDD transfer and more

The 360 Elite is set to be released in North America soon, and publications across the pond have been receiving their gear as a courtesy from MS. This has led to all kinds of posts about what the Elite does in comparison to the regular 360, and how the HDD transfer works. After the jump, Xboxic has a roundup of everything you will need to know in order for you to make the best decision possible.

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SETBAK4218d ago

informative but if the transfer cable is free why not included it right out of the box? now you have to jump thru hoops and get it thru the website or customer service. holy geezus! oh well, I am sure glad I have customer service on speed dial. LOL

schnodder4218d ago

who needs this black 360 anyway?

ZyKlOn4218d ago

Sneak peek at the Xbox 360 Elite

MikeIsOnFire844218d ago

The Ron Workman from Destructoid!!!!!!


level 3604218d ago

The thing thats making a lot of consumers who bought their last XBox 360 complain and get put-off about - is the fact that MS kept putting out messages on theirs' and a lot of other websites that this supposedly black Xbox ( w/ that vital HDMI connection and bigger hard drive, plus the black color everybodys' been waiting to be released ) are only rumors and would never materialize... and it did, out of nowhere! Which has made a lot of their fans ( some, mostly... ) really mad and frustrated! And it's true especially those who have just bought theirs' quite recently and have not heard of this new model imminent release. Truly though if your only quite picky/selective about this sort of things, it will get your pulses going, but fact of the matter is, it's not really that important and not a very significant change to the ( white ) Xbox 360 and to most of its gamers, because this added features/connections only concerns those movielovers who'ed like to watch these movies in its true frame-rate format, as for the hard drive which you can buy separately anyway ( do you really need that extra 100 gig of space and quite expensive?, well that's your choice... ). With the black color ( which might take a few sales from Sony? ), now that its out - what do you really think? Personally, thought the white one actually looks far better and personalized ( at least you know it does'nt look like any of your other hi-fi equipments ) again it's each and everyones' preferences. So there, in gaming nothing actually changes - with movies, unless you'ved got the best HD sets that support all this formats, if not you can never tell the difference.

snoop_dizzle4218d ago

the elite is good for new customers, but not really for current ones, even with the trade in deal. But the other question is, how many people would even need this stuff it offers?

hell the average 360 owner or any console for that matter, probably doesn't even know the difference between composite video and component. Not that its not noticeable but they just don't know. A few years ago a poll was taken about how many people that have an HD set were eally even using the proper cables. About half of them thought they were watching Hd television even though they weren't. Though that # has decreased, it still is pretty prevalent.

I have seen people like this, in fact a lot of people.

Thats the other thing, people who actually buy this other than a select few will use HDMI, the same with the PS3.

But thats changing.

Fortunetly for me, i don't need this, my 360 has run literally perfect, a 20 gig hard drive is perfect for me, and if i need more space, i have around 130 gigs of space on my computers hard drive.

As for the space, the only thing i can think of is IPTV, making the 360 basically a tivo. Which means if you can get all HD content in IPTV the HDDVD drive isn't really needed. Especially if you can watch HD movies. And if theres on demand channels.