Monkey Island Telltale's 'best performing' title ever

Downloadable episodic adventure game Tales of Monkey Island: Launch of the Screaming Narwhal, released earlier this month on PC and this week on WiiWare, is developer Telltale's "best performing title" to date.

The success of the game, episode one of a brand new five part episodic Monkey Island adventure series, even exceeded Telltale's expectations.

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jay24380d ago

Good. I love the M.I game, now L.A PLEASE make a next gen M.I with awesome graphics and on retail DVD, Get Dom ect back to voice the cast of cause!

Andronix4380d ago (Edited 4380d ago )

Get series creator Ron Gilbert back to make the next 'full fat' Monkey Island game. He created the game, the characters and the world. I do love Curse of Monkey Island and its evocative music. But the first game introduced us to this magical tinged world of pirates, the second told us a melancholy story of broken dreams. I now want to discover the secret that Gilbert has been teasing, and the conclusion of the Monkey Island trilogy story that he started. Imagine it with hand-drawn animation, a new Michael Land score, and the full Lucasarts resources. Ron Gilbert has the power to deliver what we have been waiting nearly two decades for. If we tell the right people we could make it happen.

Shnazzyone4379d ago

I don't think the monkey island brand name should ever be underestimated.