PSU Interview: Heavenly Sword!

Ever since the first showing at E3 '05, gamers have oohed and aahed at the magnificence of Ninja Theory's next generation title, Heavenly Sword.

Today PSU brings new details on this AAA PS3 title in an interview with SCEA's Santa Monica Studios producer, Kyle Shubel.

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decapitator4195d ago

Here move along..but great interview btw.

NoUseMerc4195d ago

Nothing new?

They confirmed a demo for the game as well as talked about weapons, enviroments, and release date.

Also the article is on digg. If you liked the interview digg it here:

decapitator4195d ago

They had already confirmed that we will be seeing a demo on the psn store before launch i think. But like i said..interview is good but most of the staff..we already know.

NoUseMerc4195d ago

I think the interview goes a little more in-depth with some stuff and for normal web surfers it could be new news!

Robotz Rule4195d ago (Edited 4195d ago )

For providing the info!

Heavenly Sword sounds great!,I can't wait!

MetalProxy4195d ago

Heavenly sword will be great when it finally comes out. The demo will help hold me over. Ninja Gaiden sigma needs some compation.

Rybnik4195d ago

Good info. I'm pretty sure the full disclosure of environmental variation is new
"There are some very fantastical environments where Heavenly Sword really pushes the envelope. You will see snowy hills, riverbeds, barren desert, shrines nestled in the mountains and a castle city amongst waterfalls."
This definitely sounds epic!

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The story is too old to be commented.