IGN: The King of Fighters XII Review

IGN writes: "King of Fighters XII is fun to play when you're fighting a buddy locally, but everything else about the game is seriously lacking. This is not the franchise rebirth that SNK was hoping for, as smoothly animated sprites can't make up for the bare-bones presentation and broken online support. Even though this might seem like a must-buy for hardcore King of Fighters fans, I still wholly encourage gamers to pick up a copy of BlazBlue instead. It's a far superior game".

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xztence3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

Blazblue is far superior.
The online component together with the glitches and no story destroyed this game in terms of getting good reviews.

But damn atleast this is getting a europe launch.

Dragun6193734d ago

They should have delayed KOFXII and worked on implementing features such as Story mode, more characters, more levels and perfecting online mode.
I'll hope for a better version will be released like Viruta Fighter 4 and its far superior updated/Fixed version VF4 Evolution.

Dark General3734d ago

Glitches? There's 1 glitch that I know about and that's the Raiden super glitch on Elisabeth.

Midgard2283734d ago

blazblue is casual? wtf first off fighters arent even casual, everyone shoots,

second how is blazblue casual? because it doesnt require 50000000 button combinations for 1 punch?

i play every single fighting game sept mortal kombat and KOF is my least fav next to SF.

for me its blazblue, guilty gear, marvel vs cap for best 2d fighters.

BB has way more features, great online, great story voice acting and gameplay. for the "Casual " Gamer its good that its not overly complex because then people wouldnt play it. i think u just like knowing everything in a game and killin noobs and not havin a challenge against someone who knows asmuch as u.

and why the f is KOF12 still pixelated? dont say its not i have it, its sad they r still pixelated, well animated yes, but not smooth at all

Bnet3433734d ago

Looks like I'll keep playing Street Fighter IV then. I'll wait for Marvel vs. Capcom 2 as well.

hay3734d ago

Crap, as a hardcore KoF fan(since 1995) I was really hoping for this game... I'm glad that BlazBlue is here with us. Awesome game.

Veneno3734d ago

But BlazBlue is definitely that fighting game that is adored by the casual crowd, while KOF is more for hardcore. Yes KOF RIGHT NOW has laggy online, but I have total confidence that it will be dealt with in time. But since it doesn't work right at launch, it should deserve marks down on a review score.

If you see all of the "fighting game fans" praises about BB, they are always saying how it has a story mode, great anime art style, and all these extra things outside of the core fighting gameplay, but know what? none of these things are what make a fighting game great. It's the core player vs. player gameplay that makes a fighting game worthy. BB is a superb fighting game in its own right, but most of the praise is coming from casual players that are enamored with the anime art style. I really like BB as well, but for the right reasons. I just wish the fight game newbies weren't the loudest speaking ones.

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DEADEND3734d ago

Wow that was a lot worse then I thought it would be.

kingdavid3734d ago

King of Fighters.. More like King of Failers

OnlyOnN4G3734d ago

The Flop of Fighters in 2009

Gue13734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

What a shame... =(

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