Rumor: Soul Calibur 3 for the PSP

Ruliweb managed to get hold of news and some screens that seem to indicate that Soul Calibur 3 is set to make its way to the PSP. The report says that Soul Calibur 3 will remain largely unchanged from its PS2 version. Above is a screenshot seen on Ruliweb.

What makes this rumor a bit shaky is that it is quite difficult to confirm the information. As noted by the folks of PSP-vault, the screenshots featured by Ruliweb has watermarks of, unfortunately they were unable to find a corresponding article on the Japanese news site.

Moreover, as of this writing it seems that the Ruliweb article is no longer up. Pulled out perhaps due to people spotting a fake, or perhaps because of a request from Namco Bandai? Regardless, it seems that the promise of getting to play Soul Calibur 3 on the PSP is welcome enough to warrant this much speculation.

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Robotz Rule4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

Let it be!,Soul Calibur kicks a*s!,and this game would be a great adition to the PSP's library of games.

I agree!,Tekken on the PSP was a sweet game and still is!!!!!

BlackIceJoe4190d ago

I hope this is alright I am using the post from QJ over PSP-vault seeing as for when you post a message you want the main site that posted it but if another site has more info you put that site's name down and seeing as QJ has info on the site pulling the plug I hope this is alright.

That being said if this is true I think this is great. Tekken was a great game on the PSP and I would think this game would be too.

CyberSentinel4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

The PSP is really beginning to develop a nice gaming portfolio lately. I hope it continues.

Bill Gates4190d ago


I bought a PSP just last week because now that the PS3 is out, many devs will sloooowly (very slowly) faze out of the PS2, and into the PSP. Also small dev companies that can't afford to develope for the PS3 just yet. But I still can't seem to download videos into my PSP :(

kewlkat0074190d ago

The only soul Caliber I never owned. NAMCO screwed up big time, I really liked what they did when they went multi and added link, heiachi, and spawn.
Link was nasty, I bought SC2 for the game cube. I'll wait for 4, and I currently have a PSP but the D-PAD is too soft for fighters. It doesn't bounce back like a dual shock D-Pad does, which are great for fighters by the way. For now I'll stick to homebrew::

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