Bayonetta Box Art Has A Big Full Moon

From Kotaku:
"Sega has released what looks to be the final box art for PlatinumGames' Bayonetta. Like each of the game's trailers, the Bayonetta box art features prominent mooning, a little yin and yang, and a reminder that Bayonetta outdoes double-wielding."

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OtherWhiteMeat4380d ago

How is this even news ?????

sunnygrg4379d ago

Well its kotaku. This is what counts as "their" news.

Bnet3434379d ago

Kotaku is basically showing the boxart for the game. The headline is just for laughs.

bankai4379d ago

N4G's so-called "news" is usually flamebait

AAACE54379d ago

It seems like every japanese game that has women showing a little flesh has a problem when it comes to the...uh... "hip region".

Dead or Alive extreme 2 had the same problem. It seemed like they modeled thi hind area from a 52 year old woman!

I like the Bayonetta game, but have you noticed that she is unusually lanky? I know alot of people like very slim women, but she seems lanky as Manute Bol! Like she is 7 foot tall or something. I don't know if that is to make her flow with a comic like feel or whatever, but it's kind of freaky looking.

Bullet witch had a good character model, but suffered in other areas. Still had a bit of fun with it tho...

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RufustheSage4379d ago

They really could have done better than a simple ass shot, Disappointing.

bankai4379d ago

and there is something wrong with an ass shot..................

RufustheSage4379d ago

Was expecting a crotch shot, disappointing. xD

forgot my password4379d ago

and let it go the same way mirrors edge did. $20 in a month

bankai4379d ago

on the contrary, based on who is actually in on development, its actually expected to be a really good game.

i will be alot more surprised if this title fails