Monster Hunter 3 Ships One Million

"It's no joke that Monster Hunter is ridiculously huge in Japan. With Monster Hunter Tri releasing this Saturday in Japan, it's showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, the initial Japanese shipment of Monster Hunter Tri has surpassed 1 million units!"

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knox4994d ago

damn this is good but not shocking we all know how big mh is, cant wait to see first day sales

qface644994d ago

i can't wait until it finally comes to the states

no really i can't wait anymore :( i wanna play it badly

xztence4994d ago

one thing is sure, the online fee wont bid well for this game in usa.
as monster hunter has never been really popular

KillaManiac4994d ago

yeah...MHFU is AMAZING, but the way Capcom is charging a monthly fee for MH3 and its not even a MMO is pretty freakin lame....

desolationstorm4994d ago

yes but they havent said anything about charging for it in the states when it is released. Which is important because the other games charged in japan but not in the states.

Im curious to see how much this game sells and if it causes a spike system sales.

N4g_null4994d ago

Hmmmm no hardcore gamers on the Wii huh? You see that capcom? Do you see that? People want quality and this is a sure AAA game just because of the budget it got. The producer even said it him self. The game show this also.

If you seriously make a good game the gamer will always show up. Hell fee or not I'm getting this game. They should be able to set up servers here and not charge a fee. I mean let Capcom USA run it they are not doing any thing useful,... j/k Come on Capcom USA get on the ball!

There are hardly any thing casual about this game. I remember some one talking about epic and the UT they had with swords... yeah it was lame then because it doesn't work without motion controls. Epic could easly had made a huge amount of money on making that game over for the Wii. I hope mark is sitting at home exhausted from wii sport canoeing gasping wow lets play some more sword fighting! LOL... man we could have made some money off of this console because epic understand brutality!

I know cliffy could use another car for off roading. At least let the guys from chair do it.

Another thing is I actualy found some good PSP games like soul cal and ultimide G&G by capcom... why was this not put on the Wii?

Go to the 2:00 mark and you will see 2d gaming is still alive. This is why I talk so much crap about 3d gaming it can not reach this level yet simply because of spec. Also this is a 2.5D game which does use a 3d engine.... This is also the type of game that is not welcome on a home console to this day because of simply what was avaiable in the past.

Also to those that want a kid icuras it would most likely be like this game.

Any way the game is worth it and it did not cost them an arm and a leg. Game like this are the reason why the industry was recession proof.

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RememberThe3574994d ago

After seeing the Dragon Quest sales last week, this doesn't seem like much. I know it's great, but these "first day(three day/week, whatever)" sales are starting to desensitize me.

Plus, I want MH to get a better camera or a lock on feature. I don't feel like I can root for it until that happens. It's too bad because I love the world it's in.

Product4994d ago

This game is gonna be huuuuge!

Grandreaper99994994d ago

I think I may buy a Wii as my Monster Hunter 3 gaming machine.

Annnnnnnd in case a Geist sequel springs onto the console. MH3 alone justifies the purchase of a Wii if it's anything like MHFU.

matey4994d ago

its nothing like psp crappy unite spin off crap this is real gaming even trumps any ps3 game dont forget this was famitsu most wanted game on ps3 so ps3 biggest game moves to wii with no problems capcom said it themselves nothing got dubbed down for wii conversion and u dont pay every month its 2000 points for 3 months so £14 for 3 months for me with no Friend codes and 4 player co-op plus 2 player co-op offline wow in these graphics jeepers this game and final fantasy cc c bearers,Zelda Wii,are epic games if ninty did a firmware upgrade say for support for 576p and 720i it would make games like these look more amazing wow not needed though 480p with MH3 graphics is well enough for anyone plus the advertisement campain will be huge for a game that has such a handsome budget and if any game will show what mature titles done with same love as triple AAA on say 360/ps3/pc can produce at least a 5 million sales worldwide then big name devs/publishers will have to take note there are few devs all ready making there creations FACTOR 5 has pilotwings,rogue squadron wii,ect,Bethesda are making a huge game,Bioware are all over it,Retro studios IGN going to see them next week,Capcom got few secret projects,lots to come trust me

Mr.Mister4994d ago

and i saw news saying that mh3 will flop because mh g didnt sold well. oh well nice to hear that.

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