Blizzard Developing a 'Next-Gen MMO'

A new massively multiplayer online game from the folks responsible for the best selling World of Warcraft would appear to be in the works, according to Blizzard Entertainment's recently updated listing page. Just the thought of a new MMO from Blizzard is probably enough to get the millions of Warcraft players around the world to start salivating.

The three job openings for this as yet undisclosed next-gen MMO title include a lead engine programmer, a lead tools programmer, and a lead technical artist.

GameDaily BIZ has put in an inquiry with Blizzard and will pass along any new information they're willing to share. For now, however, all we can do is speculate. The World of Warcraft game has long been rumored to come to consoles, and perhaps this next-gen MMO is simply a port of the title for consoles (Xbox 360, PS3). That said, according to the job posting for lead engine programmer, Blizzard will design a new engine for the unannounced MMO. If this project actually is WoW, we'd venture to guess that the team would simply adapt/tweak the current PC game's engine to work on consoles.

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Bonsai12144287d ago

for a galaxy of starcraft... i would so pay to play that game

iceice1234287d ago

An S in the start, so they have SoS and WoW. That's what I think. But I really hope they don't make an Starcraft mmmo, stick with RTS for SC.

id dot entity4286d ago

Hope they are going to use a complete new universe. Not Diablo, not Starcraft.

Cartesian3D4286d ago


next Gen RTS plz... BLIZZARD how much money do u want A$$hole!!??