Video Interviews with makers of Devil May Cry 4

As part of Games Radar's extensive Devil May Cry 4 coverage, they interview three of the creative minds behind Capcom's latest demon slayer: Makoto Tanaka (level designer), Tatsuya Yoshikawa (character designer) and Hideaki Itsuno (director).

1:Here, Level Designer Makoto Tanaka talks about his trips to Turkey and Italy for background info on the game's locations and how his training as an artist allows him to push the power of the PlayStation 3.

2:One of the biggest changes Devil May Cry 4 brings to the table is a new lead character, Nero. While not much is known about his origins - as far as the game's story goes - it's known that he sprang from the pen of this talented artist. Listen to his thoughts on shaking things up for the fourth installment

3: Director Hideaki Itsuno is the man who's responsible for every aspect of Devil May Cry 4. Here, he took the time out to explain his vision for the project.

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