What would make Halo Reach a perfect game

Bungie should not rush Halo: Reach. They should take their time, and listen to the community to make Halo: Reach the best game they have ever made.

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Ninver3372d ago

Better animation, physics, 60fps and 1080p native. I swear if they could do all that i'd buy a 360. Until then i'll play all that on my beastly ps3, wipeout HD anyone?

shocky163372d ago

Sorry to burst you bubble but Wipeout doesn't even run at a constant 1080p resolution, it changes throughout races.

jahcure3372d ago

and let me guess, you see it when it changes too don't you?

Pennywise3372d ago

Jahcure, he saw it with his own four eyes.

Mo0eY3372d ago

Actually, he is right. It changes, BUT it's lowest resolution goes to 1080i. It only does this to keep the frames per second above 60 to keep the smoothest gameplay possible. So a slap in the face to you, Mr. shocky16, because the PS3 amazes with its technology.

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ape0073372d ago

this is bungie's chance to prove that they can top halo 1 since it's using an all new engine and hope it give us an amazing new experience all over again like halo 1

bungie do your best

Hoolock3372d ago

Seriously if you have any good suggestions for Halo Reach make your way to The forums are always busy and full of great ideas so just post a quick message and see what the fans think.
My list:
Dont lose what makes halo great, so dont fill it with long animation cycles or button bashing moments. So no cover systems or chainsaw battles or anything that slows the pace of the game.
Bring to life the epic feel that is the "Fall of Reach" book
Improve the graphics now as Halo 3 is becoming dated
The online in my opinion couldnt get much better. Bungie still support it with monthly playlist updates and double exp weekends every weekend.

Honestly just keep it feeling like Halo. Dont try and be Gears of war or killzone. Halo is one of the few games left that doesnt focus filling the game with long overdrawn animations.

JOLLY13372d ago

I don't like how these new fps's have upgrades for people that have been there longer. I like the simplicity of being on the exact same playing field.

cemelc3372d ago

So your saying don't do anything and update graphics? why don't play halo 3 then???

If you want to make a new halo you have to make it better, thats the basic of a sequel.

You have to give ideas, don't do anything cos it wont feel halo is not an idea.

SaberEdge3372d ago

Improving the graphics is obviously one thing, since despite what some people say, great graphics really help immerse you in the game and make it a richer experience. They do need to keep most of what make Halo unique, but they also need to make it a fresh experience. We already have Halo 3 and soon Halo 3 ODST, so Reach needs to bring something fresh.

Hoolock3372d ago (Edited 3372d ago )

Oh by all means add weapons produce a new story and add new equipment but dont change the basic mechanics of what makes Halo, Halo. If i wanted large amounts of camera shake or a character that felt human id play COD. If i wished to spend time using a cover system id play gears of war. I want Bungie to develop Halo not to overhaul it to become a COD.

In terms of new features
A class system would be great IMO
More objective based game types that last longer
Give meaning to objectives, rather than just heres a point capture it. Give my team a bonus for doing so since this game may likely take an approach to online that resembles warfare rather than just a fun deathmatch.
Add some of the vehicles from Halo Wars, they would be cool
The Halo arsenal is already rather large but new weapons would never go a miss.
Obviously weapons specific to a class would be a given if a class based system was in place.

I do agree my comment did little to inspire ideas but im sure bungie will produce a great game without my help :)

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Turntable Jack3372d ago

They need to remove gadgets for sure

They need to fix the biggest thing wrong with halo 3 which was their crappy maps. Halo 2 and Halo 1 had great maps. Halo 3 had terrible maps (DLC maps were alright)

Have a big selection of halo 1-3 maps in multiplayer

Get rid of halo 3's meleee system. (worst melee system I have ever seen in multiplayer)

Go back to halo 2 ranks in multiplayer


a_squirrel3372d ago

Also, fix the matchmaking

*waiting for 5 mins for more players*
*automaticly leaves the game and looks for another*

and the searches! All I want to play is 16 player infection! on a map like HighGround

xGrunty3372d ago

They need to bring back Halo 2's game play. It was so much more fluid than Halo 3.

We all want that cancel button again too.

Gun_Senshi3372d ago (Edited 3372d ago )

Get a Story for game
Longer Campain
Better Graphics
Better Animation
Better Physics
Make protagonist not so horrible as MC
Change Art Direction
Remove Run and Gunning
Remove Bunny hop
Don't use Natal
Improve the spray and pray bunny hopping online so it actually takes skill to rack up kills.

a_squirrel3372d ago

isn't that crysis?

go back to your hole :P

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