Ken Block In New DIRT 2 Trailer

Subaru Rally Team USA driver and DIRT 2 Technical Consultant Ken Block features in a brand new DIRT 2 trailer, which can only be seen over on the official site of DIRT 2.

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Chippie4348d ago

I love Colin McRae games and am really lookin forward to this one
It looks great but it won't be bought, that's a simple fact.
In my opinion not many people will buy this game because rally games are just not popular enough.
Compare it to other games coming out this year like Gran Turismo 5, Need for Speed Shift and Nitro, they will be bought but as I said that's just my thoughts....

crillyconlig4348d ago

...has lost what i loved about colin mcrea games, its gone all trendy following fads like ken block and lost its wrc season style simulator