Brains Brains Brains- Part 1 of 2: Zombies in Video Games

Zombie Zombie Zombies Ate My Neighbors because they are an Evil Dead Zombie Nation of Horror Zombies from the Crypt who live Alone in the Dark waiting to get their Zombie Revenge on none other then myself via Flesh Feast (3D I might add). Surely, Doom shall prevail you say! Alas, a Corpse Killer arrives with his Beat Busters to rid me of this CarnEvil. One look and I see the Infected- the Dead Rising up and know it's no longer Plants vs. Zombies. It's Brandy vs. Zombies in The Land of the Dead. Little do they know I've got the Touch of the Dead…I am the Zombie Master and Zombie Wrangler. This is the Last Stand as I scream 'Burn Zombie, Burn' as they will all be Dead by Zombie- I am one of their own. This will be a Zombie Massacre and all will be Left 4 Dead. After all- I am the Resident Evil.

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CheatsMcGee5052d ago

I approve madam. Too bad you can never get past that damn baby in Zombie Ate my Neighbors.

And yes I realize there are people aren't there that did, I just couldn't and it makes me angry. XD

brandynevils5052d ago

Yay, my story is up here! I love zombies... and you guys gotta check back for part 2 next week!!!!

meepmoopmeep5052d ago

meh... zombies are... ok.. i guess


JackBauerIsHIGH5052d ago

If you don't already know, zombies eating can't get any better than this. Gotta respect the history!

ShAkKa5052d ago

nice intro lol.

pretty good article,what can i say i love zombie games(and movies).

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