Zeno Clash SDK Released


Developer Ace Team has released the SDK for its Source engine-based action title Zeno Clash, allowing users to create their own levels and mods for the game.

Those interested in grabbing the files can do so on the Zeno Clash Wiki, which also houses documentation on the SDK.

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richter_party3370d ago

kinda boring news. do we really need another open source engine?

TheIneffableBob3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

The Source engine is not open source.

Pandamobile3370d ago

Most PC games have map and resource creators. Why do you think we have mods and stuff.

Tony P3370d ago


It's all boring code for you guys till the nude mods pop out.

JL3370d ago

Don't worry about richter, guys. He's also agent_quaid aka frostyhudson who is on a personal vendetta to "keep me in line" by trolling anything I submit and reporting it all and take away bubbles and such (he even admitted this to me in a PM). So I wouldn't listen to him.

On topic: This is a pretty good game. And it's pretty crazy, so should be interesting to see what mods come of this now that the SDK is released.

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Major_Tom3370d ago

I can see some interesting mods and addons coming from this. It's a great game by itself, definitely one of the most unique I've ever played.