MadWorld Wii sale price cut to under $20

Retailer this week price cut Sega Corp.'s MadWorld for Nintendo Co.'s Wii to under $20 in a new sale.

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ActionBastard3828d ago

Grabbin this and SF4 GameStop.

jmare3828d ago

I like how they specify that it's the Wii version, as opposed to MadWorld PS3 or 360.

Dark-vash3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Its sad that in Portugal you cant get it for less then 49.90E :(

asdr3wsfas3827d ago

They did this for HOTD: Overkill the other day and I picked it up.

Madworld is fun for the 6 hours it lasts. The grind between bosses is what really brings it down but I enjoyed the plot enough for one playthrough. And the boss fights are pretty fun. Sadly the announcers are probably the most entertaining part of the game.

Gr813827d ago

Madworld is a scapegoat for forum fanboys to look too as vindication that "hardcore" "mature" games can't sell on Wii, even though it is a mediocre 6 hr game. It is enjoyable but there's just not much there in the form of compelling content. Also the game has sold over a quarter of a million in 4-5 months? Not too shabby for a niche title.

What is funny is that games like Madworld 'prove' something that other games that are "hardcore" and "mature" disprove, yet no one looks at sales of HoTD 2/3 RE4/UC, [email protected] and the like. Oh well, what can you do?

EvilTwin3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

Arius -- The length of the game is its true downfall. The motion controls work (they're not just waggle), the commentary is hilarious, the plot is actually pretty good, and the art style/graphics are timeless.

But it's a beat 'em up. An arcade throwback (with more violence) that lasts 5 or 6 hours. That's two nights of gaming if you're on a roll, one evening if you're particularly bored. Sinking $50 into a 6-hour game just doesn't cut it. Even if the 6 hours is AAA-level (which I think it is), it's better to rent than buy it for $50.

$20 is a fair price, IMO. Hopefully they sell some more copies and Platinum gets another Wii project, because there's potential there with MadWorld. Personally, I'd love to see 'em go back to an Okami-esque game...

asdr3wsfas3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

Arius - It's hilarious when they use Madworld to prove a point and inadvertently contradict what they say about other wii games. Wii graphics ruins games except the title done entirely in black and white and red? It's like Virtual Boy vomited on Mario Paint. To them cartoony graphics make a game unplayable but comic art is cool? That's like a direct admission that they're deciding whether a game looks good based on the art style and not actual image quality. God forbid they discover it runs in 480i. Even sadder is that while I kinda liked the graphics I wasn't going to buy the game until I heard the soundtrack set to gameplay. It pisses me off they fellate the visuals that much when the music and announcers are what sold me.

There's a lot of reasons they ignore the follow-up sales of the same titles they said were failures that turn out to be successful enough for sequels. They're threatened that the games they like are going to go away if Nintendo wins or steals away enough of the core base (production costs threaten them more directly). It challenges their refined taste in video games for picking a "hardcore" system when the "casual" gamer is playing the same style of game on his wii.

I have no idea why they think such a niche title should sell more. This article about gaming culture from the same guy I linked you to before is my best guess (I thought of madworld when I read it). He explains it in a real lengthy post before this paragraph summing it up:


"In other entertainment industries, we can see the same phenomenon at work. The movies you probably really love are the movies that ‘critics’ really hate. You might have liked 300, but the critics hated it since it is ‘simplistic’ and has ‘video game graphics’. You might have liked Star Wars, but the critics thought it ruined movies. And the movies the critics love are the ones you will likely hate. “This movie is so sophisticated! Look at how it speaks about this critical issue.” When no one watches these movies, ***since people prefer having fun with their movies,*** the critics bitterly argue, “Movie watchers are just so stupid!”

What can we do? You're right we'll never convince them. But I was thinking of getting these kids all riled up...telling them that the profitability of HD and blockbuster gaming is imploding. That with the insane budgets of those games their systems still lost near 2:1 to Nintendo. That those arcade style rail shooters/2d platformers/games we all missed from old console gaming are back and more profitable than hardcore titles, and eventually the "hardcore" systems we think of now will be regulated to backwater PC ports from companies that fail in that market (Epic). With some mockery added for thinking they're counter-culture or badass for playing violent video games alone.

But I'm just mad because those people write reviews and I trusted what they said about wii music. Then I learned that the professional video game reviewers only get hard-ons for watered down FPS gaming or pure rhythm challenge titles like Guitar Hero and DDR. Apparently musicians love that game and it does very well at teaching the basics of theory; Miyamoto was a musician for 30 years. There are comments on amazon from musicians ripping on moron kids and making sense of the poor reviews by explaining the "hardcore" vs "casual" distinction to each other.

Gr813827d ago

He's spot on with a lot of what he writes. You'll find people on forums don't take to fondly to Malstrom followers lol. They never argue his points, just make comments about what an "a$$hole" he is.

But you are spot on as well.

Evil: I'm not knocking Madworld and the controls are very smooth. For me it was just too repetitive. Its a good game, but like others have said, as well as you yourself just wrote; its not a buy, its a rent.

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