Aksys Suggestively Bringing "Soul Breeding" Game Stateside

Aksys Games has launched a placeholder website for Record of Agarest War, the "soul breeding" Japanese strategy RPG that is completely distracting me with its teaser image. What were we talking about again?

Oh yes! Record of Agarest! We've mentioned the game on several different occasions, generally in the middle of the night when the kids were tucked safely in their beds, dreaming of...well, most likely dreaming of the same sort of things we were posting. We've studied the undearware differences between the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions, checked out some of the game's artwork, and we even reported on the game coming to Europe.

I'd go into detail about what the game is about, and what "Soul Breeding" entails, but I think Aksys' choice of teaser image speaks for itself.

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Homicide3825d ago

Can't believe they're bringing this here. I'll get it though.

JL3825d ago

I'm curious to see how much (if any) censoring this game gets when it comes here to the US. I mean, undoubtedly, a game like this would have to warrant an AO rating right? And if that's the case, has there EVER been an AO game actually make it to a console with that AO rating? I mean, I know there were a couple that were rated AO in production, but got edited to slide down to the M-rating before they released, but have any actually made it to retail here in the US with the AO rating still (we're talking console games here too, not PC)? If they bring this to retail here, without editing, and under an AO rating, I may just pick it up jsut for the fact that they'll be setting precedent. I think we need more AO games to really push gaming as not just a kid's hobby. I've never understood the absolute unwillingness to keep at that AO level. Another question would be: will Sony ALLOW it to remain an AO type title when it comes to the states?

pippoppow3825d ago (Edited 3825d ago )

and Tears to Tiara. Hope both come to N.A. Just looks so appealing.