Top 5 Most Dangerous Weapons (For Their Owners)

1UP writes:

"The thing about weapons is, ideally, they're supposed to hurt the other guy. Of all the simple rules that should be observed in designing one it's fair to say that this would be the most important, if it were actually the kind of thing that seemed like it needed to be pointed out. Videogames are a bit different in that no matter how suicidally unwieldy an implement of destruction is, it will always somehow fail to take off your own head.

Here are the five weapons that, if magically transported to the real world, would be the most dangerous for whoever was stupid enough to actually try to use them. Note: I'm excluding everything from Metal Gear, on account of the fact that this would have to be a top 30 and wouldn't include anything outside the series. Nobody should have to tell anyone that icubating giant wasps inside their body is a bad idea."

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